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  1. Dixon

    Thread to offer prizes for contests

    I can certainly do editings, :)
  2. Dixon

    Goats ~ OH, HOT DAM!! ~ 11/11/11

    x2, it would be better around March-April, for me at least.
  3. Dixon

    Goats ~ OH, HOT DAM!! ~ 11/11/11

    I would, but I don't pictures of her kids.
  4. Dixon

    Horses- Any type- Ends October 31st 2011

    Breed: National Show horse Age: 7 Name: Dixon
  5. Dixon

    Goats- Best Looking Buck- Ends 10/30/2011-*RESULTS POSTED*

    Your welcome! And congrats!
  6. Dixon

    Free photo editings.

    Some examples: Smudging and texts: Banner: Watermarking of my chicken:
  7. Dixon

    New in WV

    :welcome from SC!
  8. Dixon

    Yes Or No?

    No Do you like riding horses?
  9. Dixon


    Mine is of my horse.
  10. Dixon

    find your twin

    what is your favorite color: Pink what is your favorite singer: My Mom what is your favorite animal:Chicken what is your favorite sport: Cycling what is your favorite tv show: All creatures great and small what is your favorite movie: Hachi a dogs tale what is your favorite activity to do...
  11. Dixon


    And my Mom makes the best cheese!
  12. Dixon


    We milk them, my brother milks: Glory, sweet Aurora, Zinnia, and our unicorn Zinneth, I milk my fav', Ziva.
  13. Dixon

    Free photo editings.

    Hello, I will edit your photo's to make them look like paintings, to put cool texts on them, to watermark them, for free, for you!
  14. Dixon

    Who else is also a member on BYC?

    I'm on BYC, I'm known as Symphony. I'm usually Symphony on every forum, but I wanted to give Dixon, my horse, some attention.
  15. Dixon


    Hello I'm new here, I found this through Backyard Chickens, there I am known as Symphony, but here I'm using my horses name as my username. My brother should be on here as Aurora. Me and my family have 5 goats: Aurora, Ziva, Zinnia, Zenneth, and our 9 year old goat, Glory. We have one horse...