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    For Sale SW Washington State Creme D' Argent Rabbits

    Gorgeous Creme D' Argent rabbits are great as pets or for homesteaders. I'm getting out of rabbits and am selling my whole herd. I have does of various ages and two bucks. The bucks are 10 dollars each, and one (older) doe is also 10. The remaining four does that I have are 15.00 each, firm, as...
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    Doeling not doing well, wondering what the reasons could be....

    Mini nubian. Well we do have plenty of alfalfa pellets, she doesn't care for them that much but I'll offer all she will eat. Thanks for warning me about the 21 days and getting worse before she gets better. The doeling is doing much better as well, thank you so much for your help!
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    Doeling not doing well, wondering what the reasons could be....

    Cool! I'll have to look for that. We don't have TSC but we have a similar store, but nobody there knows about goats and their goat products consist of about half a shelf. We are kind of way out in the boonies in WA state. They do have a pig section however! I want to say I've even seen that...
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    Doeling not doing well, wondering what the reasons could be....

    It is quite possible this doe is giving VERY rich milk and lots of it. This is why this doeling is so important to me! LOL Actually I was just as worried last year about a little wether, but I did not get a doeling out of this doe last year and this is really what I was hoping for so I'd sure...
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    Doeling not doing well, wondering what the reasons could be....

    I have a three day old doeling not doing super well. Let me give you her history: She is one of triplets from my doe Molly, a very good mom. This one is much smaller than her two brothers, and was thinner at birth, but drank colostrum right away (I was there watching) and seemed to do great for...
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    Tressa27884 - Starting to look for "The Farm Life"

    We moved from city to country when our sons were 12 and 16 (my daughter was grown up already). The boys were soooooooooooo against the move, they wanted nothing to do with "hicks" and thought they would not fit in, etc. The older one is extremely helpful, but never took to the farm chores. He...
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    Goat stepped on nail

    Thank you!
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    Goat stepped on nail

    Oh, by the way she is also in heat today! Do you know what dosage of Pen G for a 75 pound goat? I have been thinking about that.
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    Tressa27884 - Starting to look for "The Farm Life"

    I'd like a magic wand as well, that is a good one!
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    Goat stepped on nail

    My doe Ginger stepped on a nail yesterday. It was a small rusty nail connected to a small piece of wood (she had been free ranging in our field). I saw her holding her leg off the ground. The nail was fully embedded in her hoof. The piece of wood made it simple to yank it out, and soaked her...
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    Your rabbit setups??

    We made our own rabbitry, I'll have to get photos, but we did NOT stack the cages. This is a gross question, but when they urinate doesn't it drip out the sides and down to the rabbit below? My males especially seem to pee out towards the sides of their enclosures.
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    Creme Doe

    I'm one of the people Heartland Rabbitry got interested! I have five females now and two bucks, looking forward to next spring when I can breed the youngsters. Your doe is gorgeous!
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    You can make farmer cheese from just goat milk, lemon juice and use a big pot and a colander or strainer. I'm sure it isn't as fancy as some of the other cheeses, but it tastes great!
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    All right, I'll Ask.

    Darling? I thought it meant Dear.....:idunno
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    I'm glad I found the journals over here! I like the adaptation someone did to the questions to make them BYH-ish! :bun
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    Goat Housing--plastic shed?

    My goats would LOVE that, peachick. They love to have a place to stand out of the rain and it rains a lot where I am. My goats are mini nubians and we have large dog houses that have been adapted for goat use. When we added more goats, we added more dog houses. They are similar to little sheds...
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    Newbie getting Nigerians in a few weeks....

    It sounds like you have plans for a fun environment for your goats. If you have a small space, you will just have to buy their food and bring it to them year round, which is less "sustainable" but at least you will know where your dairy products are coming from. I take my goats on walks, I...
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    Udderly fabulous?

    Hubby made mine using the plans at Fias Co Farms. That is a good site to read. But he made it on the very LAST day possible, the day the kids were born....all in one day. It works excellent, I highly recommend using that pattern. I actually use the information for that site for much of how I do...
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    Udderly fabulous?

    All of the goats I've known so far had their own personality. Moving to a new environment does upset them. But they loooove food, that is the way to their heart. Try to have some of whatever they have been eating ready for them as soon as you get home. When we brought new ones here, that made...
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    Udderly fabulous?

    I didn't know how to milk when I got mine either. Have the seller show you. Then.......practice makes perfect! It isn't so hard to learn, you just need to keep trying. And I think milking in the garage would be fine. I use the laundry room. My goats have never.....left nanny berries or...