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    Unicorn horn 🤔 what to do

    Hello. I received a wether yesterday with his sister, ND goats. He has a horn that sticks straight out, just like unicorn. I'm very concerned for my mini herd. At 3 yrs old its been suggested that we saw it off. How tramactic will that be?? Should he be sadated, is there bleeding issues?? Debbie
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    My ND Girls pregnant for the first time

    Thank you ☺️ I'll make sure I have bottles & nipples on hand DSetere1 Thank you. I'll have bottles & nipples on hand. DSetere
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    My ND Girls pregnant for the first time

    Hello from Sherwood, Oregon I have 2 young ladies that are pregnant for their first time. I was wondering if I should have formula & supplies at the ready just in case? If so, what do you recommend? I have raised Cashmere goats for years, they kidded with very few problems. Debbie :O)