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  1. MrsDieselEngineer


    We are new to cattle and will be getting 3 bred cows next week. Doing tons of research but one thing I haven't found much info on is the proper care of the cows feet. We've raised meat goats for the past 5 years and know from experience it takes a bit of work to maintain their hooves. Do cows...
  2. MrsDieselEngineer


    Huge surprise this morning! Bonnie, our Nigerian Dwarf/Boer mix doe, decided to kid last night :th I checked them all before bed so she must have waiting for me to leave before pushing.... :smack Two boys! Sophia and Beretta, looking at their new stall mates. ETA: Bonnie wasn't...
  3. MrsDieselEngineer

    Looking for a puppy, advice wanted

    I've raised a few puppies before and we're going to be adding another one to the farm. We currently only have one dog, australian cattle dog, and we are trying to figure out what breed would work best. We don't want retrievers, or any other sort of bird dog as we have free range chickens. No...
  4. MrsDieselEngineer

    Round bale feeder options for goats

    We're currently using a cattle panel wrapped around the round bale but the younger horned goats get stuck in it quite frequently. So, we're looking for a (hopefully somewhat cheap) round bale feeder that would work good for goats.
  5. MrsDieselEngineer

    Sophia's kidding thread! Kid arrived!!

    Seriously though, I have no idea when this doe was bred and her ligaments are coming and going.... it HAS to be soon! Her udder started filling up middle of last week, she's a very standoffish doe and she's become suddenly friendly, easy to catch and licking me now and then.... :barnie Sophia...
  6. MrsDieselEngineer

    Boer kids weight

    What should Boer kids weigh at 8 weeks old? My black/white doeling, Sparkle weighs 30 lbs as of this morning and she's 8 weeks old. She's in excellent health, and looks like a fat butterball but just curious what the average weight is for 8 weeks. My newest baby, Skeet weighed in at 10 lbs...
  7. MrsDieselEngineer

    Stinky Buck Smell

    For those of you who have a really hard time removing the stinky buck smell off your hands/arms, try using coffee soap. Wash once and the smell is completely gone. :clap Just thought I'd share!
  8. MrsDieselEngineer

    MrsDieselEngineer's Herd Journal

    Hello All! I decided to start a Journal ;) 1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? We live in New Hampshre, and we have 4 seasons up here. Tourist (summer), Foliage (fall), Ski (winter), and Mud (spring). And yes we do actually call them that! 2. How...
  9. MrsDieselEngineer

    Going halves on a buck

    Okay folks! I have the opportunity to buy half of a REALLY nice Boer buck. He is 3 years old, and registered (checking this info to make sure). I'm going to get some pictures of him so I can get opinions on him from you all here ;) Have any of you owned half a buck? Pros/Cons to doing this...
  10. MrsDieselEngineer

    Boer Doeling in NH for sale

    Breed: Boer ABGA registered name is Grown Up Naturally's Ladysmith (Sparkle is her around the barn name) DOB: Sept. 2nd 2011 She's out of C4M Blaze and Star E Ranch Taboo.
  11. MrsDieselEngineer

    Opinions on grain

    I'm feeding a custom grain from Cargill and want opinions as to the quality of this feed. I get it delivered in bulk direct from Cargill. So it's always fresh and smells really good but does it have everything it should have? Is there anything I should add to it? I feed this to my all my...
  12. MrsDieselEngineer

    Kidding Thread! Any guesses? ***Kidding Pictures****

    This is Ruger, she's a 18 month old Boer mix. I've owned her for a year. She was with a buck for June & July. Any one want to guess when she's going to deliver these kids? First off is just a general picture of her :) Next, this picture was taken Sept. 20th This was taken today (Sept. 27th)
  13. MrsDieselEngineer

    Nigerian or Pygmy

    I've rescued a few goats this year and these two I have just assumed were Pygmys. I'm not totally sure they are now. So, what do you all think? Are they Nigerian Dwarfs or Pygmys?
  14. MrsDieselEngineer

    Guard Donkey

    We are considering getting a donkey to guard the goats. I've had horses most of my life and we currently have a 12H pony in with the goats. Is there a good age to start a donkey with goats?
  15. MrsDieselEngineer

    Baby Boer Pics

    Livinwright Farm posted a picture of my Boer doe who gave birth to 3 lovely doe kids last week, since then I've sold two of them so momma boer is only caring for one now. She's being a wonderful mother and is very protective. Baby is just adorable and very energetic :D Keeps momma chasing...
  16. MrsDieselEngineer

    Interesting problem

    I have a boer doe who has somewhat rougher hair than my other boers and the hair on her neck has turned a lighter shade, gone a bit curly and just looks a bit odd. Is this a copper deficiency? If not, what is it? And FYI, she's a little over a year old and is pregnant with her first kid(s)...
  17. MrsDieselEngineer

    Hello from NH

    Hello Everyone! My husband and I raise a few (8 currently) Boer goats and have collected a few others by rescuing them from less than desirable homes (not enough feed, horrible hooves...). We also have a pony who I am training to drive and lots of chickens with a few turkeys thrown in for good...