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    My rabbits won't conceive

    Do they have salt mineral licks?
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    Last straw, last chance. Can't contain my goats. Any ideas?

    I think a field fence outside your hot fence is your only option at this point. If they can't shove their way through the hot wires fast they should learn to stay put and be good. LOL Also if you can, get them good and wet, make sure you fence is good and hot, maybe keep some moisture in the...
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    Milk production and breed ID

    She's cute! They don't give a lot at first, keep milking her, make sure she has some alfalfa hay, it helps to produce milk.
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    Touch me not to milking goat

    Take kids as they come out, helps to have someone to help you so they can get kids away from mom and cleaned up, let her lick you between kids, when she is finished take her to your milking area and milk her. Have a pint jar and a quart jar, milk into the pint, hold it up close to her udder as...
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    URGENT: bottle feeding piglets info desperately needed.

    When I was growing up my Father brought me a baby pig to care for, his mom had too many babies and this was the runt. I remember having a short glass of regular milk and he stuck his little snout in that glass and sucked it all down. Baby pigs are awesome, I loved that job.
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    Goat had a bite of lilac!!

    I had never heard the flowers were poisonous, in fact I plan to make lilac jelly in the spring when all mine are all in bloom. So reading this I had to google, and everything I read said no part of the lilac is poisonous to humans or animals, which I was glad of because my goats are always...
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    Miniature Stud......

    Yes have him gelded, even though he is a mini you will all be much happier. Good luck! I love minis, have fun with him.
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    New Mini Jersey, have questions

    Thank you! She is eating calf starter, I always treat my goats when kids for cocci but haven't for my cows, better start. I just checked and where she came from is TB and Brucellosis free state, as is my state. Thanks for the advice for worming, I was wondering about that.
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    New Mini Jersey, have questions

    YES! This is why I wanted a calf. I want to get her drop dead tame and happy with me messing with her. I can handle a half crazy goat on the milking stand, but not a cow. She lets me pet her when I grain her so next step is getting the halter on.
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    New Mini Jersey, have questions

    Thank you, that is the plan. I probably wont test for TB either, unless the vet suggests it. Well now to just be patient and wait for 2 years.
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    New Mini Jersey, have questions

    She is not a twin, like I said not a complete nube :). She had to have health papers for transport, what else should I check for? She comes from a good farm with a good reputation if that matters. Will she need any shots? What kind of tests do I need? I'm just too darn excited at the moment.
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    New Mini Jersey, have questions

    We just bought a 75% mini Jersey calf, the other 25% is an odd mix of mostly other mini breeds. We intend to raise her up, halter train, all that good stuff now while she is young. My questions are, what tests, vaccines etc will we need to do (if any) as she will be our family milk cow in a...
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    Golden Gurnsey

    OHHH I love my Guernseys! They have to be the sweetest goat breed ever! They are very mellow, when they talk to you it is soft and low, not irritating at all. If you go in with them be prepared to for a Guernsey to come up and follow you around, may not know they are even there unless they...
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    Bad mother?

    I have a bully, she almost was named crockpot as I wasn't going to deal with that forever, then she got pregnant and she turned much nicer, we bottle our kids so didn't think about her being a good mother or not, then our Boer had kids, they are all in the same pasture and another doe I decided...
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    what is this!?!

    If she is a dairy breed you should probably milk her out twice a day with only a single, don't want the udder getting damaged or lopsided.
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    Corrective Hoof Trimming

    Is he walking on the outside making it look like the inside is much longer, but when you go to trim you can't take anymore off the inside? That would be a mineral imbalance, fixable by curing the imbalance.
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    5 Day Olds Eating Dirt And Grass??

    Can you leave minerals out free choice for Mom rather than in her feed?
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    Very Weak Baby Goats, Help Please!

    I wish you were closer as well! Love those moon spots!
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    Llama and goat question...

    We were given three yearling male llamas, of course they are intact. We plan and putting them with our goats when they are old enough to geld. my question is, can I put male goats in the them now? I know I can't put them with the does, but it would sure be nice to be able to run my bucks with...
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    Bottle Feeding

    I have heard not to give water from a bottle. They will be fine with no bottle when the time comes. For a couple days they will think they are dying everytime they see you, but that goes away pretty soon. Very cute crew you have there with lots of toys!