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  1. cattlecait

    Hijazi goats from Saudi Arabia

    Those are hilarious!
  2. cattlecait

    Another refugee with a rabbit

    Welcome! I've got rabbits too!
  3. cattlecait

    Is she a standard size or mini pygmy? *pics*

    She does look like a Fainter X Pygmy. She is a very pretty girl though, you shouldn't have problems finding a buck to breed her to.
  4. cattlecait

    Help!! re Netherland Dwarf rabbits

    Most bunnies won't do much other then just sit and chill. Some more active breeds may move around, but keep in mind that rabbits are mostly active during the early morning and late evening. Daytime to them holds nothing different then sitting on the couch and eating nachos.
  5. cattlecait

    Re-Hello from Michigan!

    I haven't been on in a very long time, so I'm reintroducing myself (maybe someone remembers me?). My name is Cait! Last time I was on here I was married and living in Laramie, Wyoming. I'm now divorced and living on my family's farm in Webberville, Michigan. I raise Checkered Giant rabbits and...
  6. cattlecait

    Rabbit Attack!! (To be Expected, Or time to Butcher?) (pic on Post #7)

    I posted that before seeing the photo, he sounded like our bucks when they don't get bred for awhile. After seeing the photo, yes, beyond just being a horny butthead. Glad you decided to butcher him!
  7. cattlecait

    Little Bunny Foo Foo goes to Kindergarten

    Cute! Sounds like fun!
  8. cattlecait

    I want the goat!

    Yupp, I'm moving back to Michigan.
  9. cattlecait

    Is Malina what I was told she was?

    I definatly see Kiko X Nubian.
  10. cattlecait

    I want the goat!

    Hey ya'll, So, I raised a few market goats in 4-H and had a few Pygmies for awhile, and now I'm moving back to the farm and am able to have goats again! I found this adorable Nigerian doe for sale on Craigslist, the ad looks pretty legitimate.
  11. cattlecait

    Satin's for meat?

    Satins make excellent meat rabbits, and a Satin plus a Californian would definately produce some great meat bunnies for you.
  12. cattlecait

    Gestation is how long again ?

    Normal gestation is 28 - 32 days depending on the doe. Any born before about day 27 aren't going to make it, but she can carry them all the way to day 35 which is uncommon but not rare. Something could have startled her and she aborted them. Were there any drastic changes in the normal daily...
  13. cattlecait

    blue eyed kit

    I don't think his eye is blue as in Vienna-carrier blue. It looks more blue-gray than that to me with a ruby cast that comes in chocolates and lilacs. I'm including a photo that came up on Google for "blue eyed white rabbit". This is a Vienna Marked Holland Lop. Oh, and I think your bunnies are...
  14. cattlecait

    Rabbit Attack!! (To be Expected, Or time to Butcher?) (pic on Post #7)

    Agreed, it just sounds like he wants bred. Breed him and see if his attitude adjusts.
  15. cattlecait

    Free Rang Rabbits?

    I haven't raised rabbits in a colony style per say, but I have weaned all of my babies, tattooed them, and put them all in a horse stall. It was about 12 babies plus three "teenaged" does who had grown up together. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen! I put a poultry waterer in there and three...
  16. cattlecait

    Free Rang Rabbits?

    There's a yahoo group that you can join, colony raising rabbits, that has some information. There's a section for it on the Rabbit Talk forum too, many folks on there raise their rabbits free range.
  17. cattlecait

    Show Sheep Breeds

    If you're going for a market lamb, the ones that tend to show the best are Suffolks, Hampshires, or a cross of the two. White faced market lambs tend to be Rambouliette (I don't think I spelled that right) or Dorsets, but a blackface will nearly always outshow a whiteface. That being said, if...
  18. cattlecait

    Getting my kits today!

    And here is where 4-H knowledge kicks in. How to wash a chicken: 1) Don appropriate swimwear. This will be wet. 2) Fill a 5-gallon bucket or medium sized Rubbermaid tub with warm, soapy water. 3) Fill a second bucket or tub with warm rinsing water. 4) Select chosen victim. 5) Snatch chosen...
  19. cattlecait

    how do you plant an avacado?

    I've always heard to just plant the pit in dirt in a pot, like a normal pitted fruit, but you'll need an awful big pot and some way to keep it humid.
  20. cattlecait

    help, there is something on my turkeys head!

    It means nothing. Most turkeys have it, I've noticed the commercial varieties exhibit it more than the others. Its just leftover from when they were babies and all fuzzy.