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    Coffee anyone ?

    Woke up to 49F in Michigan... Sorry southerners. Animals are up and fed, on my second cup already. How do you like your coffee? Mine Whole bean Black Rifle coffee, freshly ground, run through an Areo Press... with just a bit of Irish cream (or coffee creamer I call it. LOL) Hope you all have a...
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    We're in Oakland county (Heartland area), we started with 6 chickens... Now we have 20 egg layers and are getting ready for broilers next. Just got our Lilly (mini donkey) a month ago.. So far so good!
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    :frow Glad to be here, came here through BYC. We have a little hobby farm in Michigan. Nigerian Dwarf, Chickens (chicken math is real!) and a Mini Donkey. nice to meet you all!