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  1. warthog

    Today I lost one of my best friends...

    So srry for your loss :hugs :hugs :hugs RIP Beanie.
  2. warthog

    Jack and Jill -pictures

    Such sweeties, congratulations.
  3. warthog

    Will they eat themselves to death?

    Yes it would seem goats cannot resist grain. I have one girl in particular who would just hoover up anything you put in front of her. Pasture/browse/hay unlimited, grain etc only when needed in my opinion.
  4. warthog

    New goats are here (pics)

    Good luck and safe journey
  5. warthog

    Hello from Southern CA

  6. warthog

    HELP! Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bumblebees, OH MY!!

    Elevan - this was sent to me re killing mosquitoes - I haven't tried it yet and some people tell me it doesn't work, but will try it when we get to mosquitoe season. I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck...
  7. warthog

    Hello from Northern Nevada

  8. warthog

    HELP! Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bumblebees, OH MY!!

    Eleven, I think it must be a special time for bees at the moment. My problem is different than yours, but the goats and dogs outside water buckets are swarming with bees. I have had to put extra buckets in, and let them do their thing in the others. Having checked for answers on line, it...
  9. warthog

    My goat baby died

    So sorry for your loss :hugs
  10. warthog

    Hi from NTexas

  11. warthog

    Getting a little nervous

    Relax, most of the time things just happen naturally, mum does her bit and everything is fine. You will always find posts on here and anywhere else for that matter about things going wrong. But look at it another way, think about how many goats have been born ion relation to the ones that have...
  12. warthog

    Bump on goats hind end?

    Sounds like it could be an abcess or a cyst, a picture would help.
  13. warthog

    Hello from Michigan!

  14. warthog

    Hi From Michigan (Newbie)

    Hi there and welcome. Can we have some pictures please, when you have the time, we all love pictures. You say you may be getting one goat, please look around the goat forum and you will find that everyone will agree you should have at least two. Goats are herd animals and need company. Good luck
  15. warthog

    Opinions on Horse Feed for Goats

    I cannot get goat feed here either. I feed mine horse feed and they are doing just fine. They are out browsing all day and get the horse feed morning and evenings according to need. They also have access to hay 24/7, and get treats like watermelon rind, papaya, mango skins most days. I would...
  16. warthog

    What size door is too small for goats?

    All I can add to this is, I never mastered it, if I made the door small enough so that the goats couldn't get in there, the chickens couldn't either. I also got fed up of the chickens pooping in the water etc., so my solution was to separate them. Life is a whole lot easier now. Good luck to you.