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  1. houndit

    Google says BYC is a Dangerous Page?!?!

    I could not access this site yesterday either.
  2. houndit

    My Page won't display

    I clicked on your profile and saw the link from there. My page does not show up in my profile to me, but I think if you click on my profile you will be able to see my page. to view my page I click on MY PAGE at the top of the forum.
  3. houndit

    My Page won't display

    I can see the page when I go to your profile. Here on B.Y.H. it does not show up under your name by your posts like it does on the other sites. Nice page!
  4. houndit

    Bunny bites

    Does she have salt? I remember one group of young rabbits started biting hands for salt.
  5. houndit

    Pictures Of YOUR Horses...!!!

    :welcome Beautiful horses!
  6. houndit

    American Chinchillas
  7. houndit

    Pictures Of YOUR Horses...!!!

    There are Aumish around us. We have dealt with a lot of them, and they seem very nice. There are a few who have horses that look like walking skeletons that they are trotting to town. One horseman I talked to said he will not sell his horses to the Aumish, because he does not like the way...
  8. houndit

    Got my Sheep

    Congratulations! I love Blackbelly sheep!
  9. houndit

    About the act of breeding

    I always wait till 6 months to breed my large meat rabbits.
  10. houndit

    Pictures Of YOUR Horses...!!!

    It is really beautiful to see them working. It is a lot of work, but I love it! My favorite thing to see is horses mowing. I am mowing hay with our horse for the first time and it is amazing!
  11. houndit

    Age that they will reproduce

    O.K. thanks! We use our horses for farming so I am not to worried about selling them. Our mares are not 25 and they have not had colts for several years. I just wanted to know if they would stop breeding when they were older if you skipped a few years as I was told.
  12. houndit

    Age that they will reproduce

    I was told that Belgian mares will usually reproduce until they are about 25. Does that sound accurate? I was also told that if they are not bred every year when they are older, they will not want to breed again. Is that true? If so, how often is it safe not to breed them, if you still want...
  13. houndit

    Need Baby Rabbit advice

    I am sorry to hear that your bunny died. Keep up the good work!
  14. houndit

    Heat Questions

    It gets miserably hot here and we frequently have high humidity. I do the above, and sometimes put fans on them. If it is to bad I sometimes move them all inside the garage temporarily. It is a pain but I have had rabbits die from the heat.
  15. houndit

    Need Baby Rabbit advice

    Hi, :welcome I have had that happen also. Usually they can make it O.K. if they are with their mother. I have rabbits that I now trust, and I just toss the bunny back in with them. I could not do that with my first rabbits. What I did was spray perfume, cologne, something strong on the...
  16. houndit

    Pictures Of YOUR Horses...!!!

    Snips and Bally Snips, Bally, and Queen. Snips, Bally, Queen, and Elliot. Snips has the skinny white stripe on her nose, Bally has the large white face. Queen has no white on her face, and Elliot is mostly white. Snips and bally were our first two Belgian mares. They are about...
  17. houndit

    Boy or girl?

    My rabbits are usually more for meat than pets. I have had really nice bucks, and really nice does. Some bucks are kind of arrogant, and some does are downright mean. I think it has more to do with the individual rabbit than with the gender. Enjoy your rabbit!
  18. houndit

    Buying a rabbit? Can I just get one?

    Rabbits are usually housed by themselves when mature so I think it would be fine! I know people that only have one rabbit as well.
  19. houndit

    What kind of wire do you use for the floor on your rabbit's hutch?

    Hi, :welcome None of the links you had worked for me. I use 1/2" by 1/2' hardware cloth for my rabbit hutch floors. I have used wire as big as 1" by 2 " for adult rabbits. However, I had a weasel get through that wire and kill a bunch of my baby rabbits. I would not recommend the 1"...
  20. houndit

    My pastured rabbit experience. Update!

    I move it depending on how tall the grass is, and how much they are digging. Early this spring before there was much grass I moved it 3 or more times a day. Now that there is lots of grass, and it is HOT so they do not dig as often I only move it once a day. It depends on the size of the...