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  1. veritastar

    Breeding from small ewes

    About 6 months ago I purchased four very cheap, very small lambs. One hardly grew at all and has recently been processed. However, with the other three I keep changing my mind whether or not to process them or breed from them. The photo bellow shows two of them- The one on the left is Petunia...
  2. veritastar

    Please help with the lamb I should not have bred.

    I have an old skinny ewe who gave birth to twins 1 months ago. One did not last the night and the other is growing well. The ewe however, does not look good. Truthfully, I shouldn't have let her breed. I was shocked a few weeks ago when I sheared her and realised just how skinny she is. She also...
  3. veritastar

    Is my new Jersey cow meant to be this round?

    This is my new Jersey cow Ayla and her calf Little milky. I got her about two weeks ago. She and her calf were scouring when they arrived but are fine now. She is being fed Lucerne hay, 16% protein dairy meal and propharma dairy loose lick in two meals a day. I have increased her meal size...
  4. veritastar

    Hello from Australia!

    Hi everyone! I'm a stay at home mum from Australia with a small hobby farm. I have horses, sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys, a pig, a dog, some cats and some fish (I'm probably forgetting someone). I'm always looking to learn more about my animals but am here especially to learn about caring for...