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  1. AngieNPeeps

    Thanks for letting us hang here... think I may stay awhile

    Another BYC member, missing daily check-ins. Shout-out from Lancaster County, Pa! Mom of 4, always wanted to have a hobby farm. My youngest is in Future Farmers of America (FFA). 3 years ago, there was a traumatic event in our family. The kids and I began to embrace life. So when my daughter...
  2. AngieNPeeps

    Silkie hatch... help identify colors

    Hatched these silkies 2 days ago. Can anyone help me to identify the colors? The one with the heavy chipmunk has a large ball on his head (can't remember what it's called). The black chick has white /silver eyebrows. The lighter striped has a thick black neck ring. The second pic, I assume is a...