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    :weeeThanks! That's what I was hoping
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    We are new to cattle and will be getting 3 bred cows next week. Doing tons of research but one thing I haven't found much info on is the proper care of the cows feet. We've raised meat goats for the past 5 years and know from experience it takes a bit of work to maintain their hooves. Do cows...
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    Crossing State Lines

    I've always thought it was the buyer who paid for all that. They are the ones buying from out of state.
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    MrsDieselEngineer's Herd Journal

    She isn't normally so photogenic! LOL, she's always been hard to get good pictures of :) Autumn, I'll post pictures of the new goats when I finally get to pick them up ;) and I'll tell LivinWrightFarm you said Hi!
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    MrsDieselEngineer's Herd Journal

    Things have been super busy around here lately but I try to pop in now and then to say HI! We've been doing testing this past week getting the herd cleared. TB, Brucellosis, Johnes, and CAE. The first three were free through the state vets office so we went ahead and did them :) Did you know...
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    Do You Vaccinate?

    With the CL tests being so expensive we're seriously considering vaccinating the whole herd for it.
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    Twelve thousand Step Program for GAS

    :yuckyuck I'm afraid I have a very bad case of GAS.... LOL
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    Raising Goat Questions for a newby

    Of course you could always get large sized goats, you wouldn't need as many. You would only need two does to milk and 2 to raise for meat.
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    Raising Goat Questions for a newby

    Well if you've decided on Kinder's you'll need 4 each year for meat and say each milker produces 2 quarts a day, you would need 4 milking does. So if you started with 4 pregnant does, you could have the milk you need and the kids would provide you with the meat you need each year. And for 8-10...
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    Raising Goat Questions for a newby

    As far as meat goes, you can typically use 65-75% off a hanging weight carcass. A 50lb goat should give you around 30-35lbs of meat. I only have full size dairy does for milk so can't help you there!
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    Do You Vaccinate?

    Anyone give the CL Vaccine?
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    Help! Fatty goat having problems :(

    I had a boer doe that did that and more when she was still a month out from kidding. She was so big, when she laid down she'd have to pant and would lay there and moan. It was awful. But she kidded on schedule and had 3 large doelings! Could just be the babies are taking up every available...
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    New To Goats!!

    I live in NH right near the Maine border and we have Boers, an Oberhasli and a Toggenberg. Goats do just fine up here if you have good shelter for them.
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    My first goat????

    If you are just raising a couple from spring to fall to eat, then it won't really matter which meat breed you go for. Boers might give you more meat but I haven't raised the fainters before so don't know how fast they put on meat.
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    tattoo set opinions needed

    Same here :)
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    Is it just here, or is the whole world giving away horses nowadays?

    Personally I'd rather see a horse slaughtered than starve to death. There are so many unwanted horses and the cases of starving horses are sky rocketing. Here in NH there was a case just recently that had dead and dying horses all over the farm. The owner couldn't afford to feed them and just...
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    MrsDieselEngineer's Herd Journal

    I'm assuming that's 12 hours to NY? They must be almost half way between us! LOL