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    Oh The vet was wrong! My dwarf doe gave birth to 5 Babies! 4 are Alive. One (big One) was a stillborn mom did perfect She is eating now I hope she will feed them and that they grow up to be little fluffy bundels of Joy I actually filmed The birth with The WiFi camera. Attachments...
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    Pregnant or Not? What’s moving in that belly?

    So.... day 27 Dat before yesterday The vet told Us that The doe is probably Not pregnant today I see a lot of movement in the belly area can this be her intestines? Thanks! Regards Kim
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    Dutchies are clueless - pregnant bunny or not?

    Hi there, We are from the Netherlands and currently in quarantaine due to severe Corona problem in our region. Vets only help out if an animal is critically ill. The woman on dutch websites are a little bit crazy when it comes to accidental bunny pregnancies. We recently bought a little...