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  1. Shorty

    Rabbit cages

    I got out of rabbits last year and I haven't gotten rid of the cages yet and it is time for them to go. I'm located in northern Illinois. This is what I have 3 - 24x30 cages with dura trays 1- 24x30 cage with a metal tray 1- 24x36 cage with legs and dura tray 1- 24x48 cage with legs and plastic...
  2. Shorty

    Recapturing escapees

    I once had a similar thing happen feeder came off bunnies all over the yard I think five got out of the hole. I caught them all by hand, I had to corner them against the fence to catch them. A live trap might work with some of their pellets in it or a tasty treat that they know. Good luck!
  3. Shorty

    Not anymore I had to sell all my rabbits when I moved

    Not anymore I had to sell all my rabbits when I moved
  4. Shorty

    help! Castor rex bred my tri color doe Here is a color chart for rabbits. Hope it helps
  5. Shorty

    So...I'll be doing a thing...

    Look at those sweet faces! I had two Poppy and Petunia!
  6. Shorty

    Thank you Latestarter!!!!

    Thank you Latestarter!!!!
  7. Shorty

    Thank You!!

    Thank You!!
  8. Shorty

    Ruby turns 7! - now 9 years old!

    Happy birthday Ruby!! She shares a birthday with my Brittany Ziva!
  9. Shorty

    Callie has passed

    Southern I am so sorry for your loss, I know Callie was such a special girl and will be missed terribly. :hugs:hugs
  10. Shorty

    Callie has passed

    Oh no :hugs:hugs
  11. Shorty

    Baby rabbits with yellow sticky poop

    I haven't had an experience with this but maybe some of the other rabbit people can help @Bunnylady @samssimonsays @Pastor Dave
  12. Shorty

    Samssimonsays: Blazing Acres journal

    Sam I am so sorry for your loss we all know how much Rumley meant to you :hugs:hugs
  13. Shorty

    Anything AND everything!

    those are amazing pictures! Where did you go backpacking?
  14. Shorty

    Shorty's Kindling thread

    I guess I never updated on Toffees kits, well they are all in their new homes now doing great! My nephew has one his name is excavator and he is really loved! I bred Toffee again and Saturday she gave me 5 kits! 1 Harliquin, 1 dilute Harliquin, 1 tort, and 2 booted torts.
  15. Shorty

    LGD Puppies due in August

    look at them pose!
  16. Shorty

    Luvmypets Journal: A New Season

    I knew an older couple that adopted a kitten and they had to have one of their friends say they would take the kitten if something happened to them before they could be approved to get the kitten.
  17. Shorty

    Will this set up work for a Rabbit House?

    I house mine in cages in a shed each in their own cage, but like latestarter said chicken wire may keep the rabbits contained it won't keep the predators out. I would suggest at least having somewhere to put the buck after he has done his job otherwise you will have lots of babies very fast.
  18. Shorty

    Samssimonsays: Blazing Acres journal

    Oh Sam I am so sorry, I hope they figure out what is going on with Rumley soon.
  19. Shorty

    Rabbit won't have babies

    How old is she, how old is the buck, is this their first litter, did the buck fall off? Maybe @Bunnylady @samssimonsays @promiseacres can help too