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  1. Rvrfshr

    Castrating a 4 mo old ram lamb?

    This is reasurring and my preferred method of dealing with this. Thanks for all of the comments and feedback.
  2. Rvrfshr

    Castrating a 4 mo old ram lamb?

    I just bought a 4 month old Dorper/Khatadan cross ram lamb and need to relieve him of his package. I have banded week old lambs without incident, but have never castrated surgically. My first question Is this lamb too old to band? What are the possible complications from banding at this age...
  3. Rvrfshr

    Red Cell Dosage for Sheep?

    Goats require copper. Add the Red Cell to this mixture, it contains copper. Copper will kill sheep. It has a cumulative effect and will build up in the liver of your sheep until it is toxic enough to kill them.
  4. Rvrfshr

    How do you guys handle sales????

    Have to agree with this. Would want to examine the feet, eyes, texture of the wool, energy level, overall general health that doesn't show up in pictures. Performing due diligence will pay off in a healthy flock and no regrets.
  5. Rvrfshr

    Frequency of Ovulation

    My wife and I raise Dorper/Khatadan crosses. Our ewes have lambed in the past month and we are in the process of getting a new ram. I found a very nice Dorper (about 4 mos old) that I plan to pick up this week. My questions are: How soon will my ewes begin to cycle? Will they wait until...
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    Winterizing Lambing Jugs

    We're in the process of cleaning out the sheep sheds and getting ready for winter. Will take the bedding down to dirt and then spread garden lime over the dirt and leave it uncovered for 4-5 days. I've read that the caustic qualities of the lime dissipate after approximately 36 hours...
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    BEWARE - NOT NICE PIC - Coyotes strike sheep

    A suggestion for baiting coys, especially during lambing; Hang a chicken quarter from a branch about 4 feet off the ground using 60lb monofilament line and a shark hook. Set 4 or more of these traps near your sheep pens. Take precautions not to put your scent on the tree limbs, line, hook &...
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    First trip to the processors....

    The good news is that beef prices are at an all time high. Those states that are not affected by the drought conditions in many areas are experiencing $2. to $2.20 a lb. on the hoof. Sorry your weather is so bad. Things will turn around.
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    Weevils in the corn

    D.e. is a fine powder that suffocates insects. I use a hand cranked powder mill that distributes a fine coat of powder (Sevin dust or d.e.) on my garden to kill and control pests. The following link is for the powder mill that I use and have been using for 4+ years...
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    Weevils in the corn

    Since you have already made the investment in infested corn you will have to take additional steps to kill the weevils. Some recommend diatomaceous earth, some say pesticides (malathion). I would not use either of these methods. If you can find a commercial freezer (a big one like a slaughter...
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    Gate for t-post fence?

    Great idea. I have been looking for a gate system for my t-posts. Will research the Wedge-loc hinges. Thanks for the idea.
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    Should barn floor be pressure treated?

    In addition to being "nasty" it will breed germs and bacteria which will eventually undermine the health of your animals. I like a dirt floor that I can lime, air out and replace bedding after each birthing to sanitize. Using straw or last years cheap crappy hay (not moldy) can easily be...
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    Can y'all show me your pallet sheds??

    The key to making a pallet shed is the framing. You can inexpensively frame your shed if you use landscape timbers. They are cheaper than 4x4's or pressure treated poles. Many times I have seen them on Craigslist as a giveaway. Landscape timbers are 8 feet long and 3 inches by 5 inches and...
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    fly control

    Joby, ease up. Inhalaltion is ingestion. You have a great deal of useful information to provide and it is appreciated. Your emails on pasture management have helped me formulate and assess my pasture needs and the information is very much appreciated. However, nit picking another posters...
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    fly control

    Good post Red! In light of the conflicting information about DE, I am unconvinced that is suitable for ingestion by pets or livestock and will opt for other more tried and true methods for treating my animals.
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    What breed of ewe to breed for large meaty lambs?

    Haven't heard of this breed before. Is this a specialty breed that you have or are contemplating?
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    Helping to dry up milk?

    I shouldn't assume that it would be clear that " loose Ace bandage wrap" would preclude anyone from assuming the opposite which would be a blood flow constricting binding. Thank you Bon for assisting with clarification of this.
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    fly control

    Read the labels of DE products, it states very clearly NOT to use on pets or livestock or to allow them to ingest it. My wife and I considered DE for our dogs flea problems a few years ago but decided against it after reading (researching on the Internet; i.e. google) and informing ourselves of...
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    fly control

    This took me 5 seconds to find:
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    fly control

    A livestock owner should know everything about any and all applications PRIOR to admininstering it/them to their animals. Anyone can read about diatomaceous earth simply by googling it. DE is a coral like substance that is akin to finely ground glass. KF is absolutely correct about the...