advice needed

  1. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Advice needed, Rats in the rabbittry

    Ok, so I have had rabbits since January-ish and no issues with pests up until a month ago. I have killed 7 rats using a snap trap but they just keep coming. Last night I spotted two, tried to whack one with a stick but the buggers are fast. My rabbittry is set up with wire cages hanging from a...
  2. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Litter of 5, only one left

    Hi all, my doe Paprika just had her first litter Sunday evening. There were 5 babies. I checked on them Monday morning (which is when I counted them), by taking the whole nest box out of the cage and putting them in a bowl lined with a towel. They were active and squeaking a little so I only had...