1. I

    What to farm

    summary is at the bottom Hello for the California part of the Mojave Desert. So just a brief intro my husband and I bought a three acre property out in the desert about a twenty minute drive away from a big traveling pit stop on the way to Vegas. We love animals and livestock and have cared for...
  2. EmilyClick28

    Mice got into animal feed/grain bags.... are they still good?

    Opened my cracked corn bag to quite a surprise, a live mouse was in it! went to grab a rubber mallet and come back and smash it but it got away. i looked closely and discover a hole chewed through the bag.... i then discovered more holes in the horse grain, rabbit pellet, and chicken feed...
  3. LukeMeister

    Guess the Animal Game!

    This game is just as the title says. One person thinks of an animal, and says if it's a mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird, fish, insect, etc... and gives 3 (or more) hints. Whoever guesses the animal first goes next, and thinks of another animal. I'll start. This animal is a reptile. 1. Is...
  4. LukeMeister

    Alphabet Animals

    I kinda "stole" this game from BYC XD. It's simple, somebody says an animal and another person says another animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal. And you CAN use fictional creatures. For example: Player 1, Goat Player 2, Tick Player 1, Kangaroo Player 3, Ocelot And so...