baby chicks


    Sweet result of doing nothing 🤣

    So, yesterday I was freaking out about my new chick hatching 🐣 and @Baymule @Beekissed @Tre3hugger @messybun all were very helpful.They all said one thing: DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE CHICK WHILE HATCHING IS IN PROGRESS!!!! Except @messybun who is very kind and seems to be just as wise. ❤️ Anyway...

    Me,my herd, and my family NEWCOMER

    Alright, so I am starting a new herd of chickens. Silkies if you must know. And we have chickens, but only one brooding hen. That's why I bought silkies! Well, my family said "To-hell-with-it" and will not tell me the secret ingredients for chick feed! ... We normally make our...

    Waiting for chicks...

    Step one: order cuties. Step two: read ship date and weep. Step three: get brooders ready 10 days ahead. Step four: stare at calendar until you fall asleep Step six: CHICKS ARRIVE!!!! ACT LIKE A MANIAC AND DRIVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THE POST OFFICE. Step seven: feel like a million dollars! I...
  4. Poka_Doodle

    Colorful_Goat_Mama and Poka_Doodle's hatching thread

    Hey with all the other threads I figured I'd start my own. I'll be hatching 24 baby chicks. They will be different D'Anver varieties. More to come soon Now in April, I'm excited to announce that @Colorful_Goat_Mama will also be joining me to hatch.