baby goat

  1. T

    Baby Goat with Pinkeye—Preventative Measures for the Other One?

    Hello from South Carolina. We just got our first two goats and are getting ready to bring home three more. One of our little bucks has pinkeye. I got saline eye-rinse and terramycin ointment for him and I know how to treat him. I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea, as long as I can...
  2. J

    Penicillin dosages for kids

    I have a kid who is 4 weeks old and is the smallest of the triplets. Yesterday, she came out of the stall with her siblings and momma but separated herself from the others. She was very lethargic and shivering. I took her temp and it was 106.8! So i brought her in and gave her a few ml of...
  3. 4h livestock shower

    Baby goats and freezing temps

    Hey I'm new here and I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum,but we had a baby goat Born Sunday evening (right after the saints won :celebrateWHODAT). So she's only 3 days old and the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing. We only have the baby and her mama . They are in the...
  4. C

    antisocial baby goat cries when I leave him, but I have to go to work! What to do?

    Hi all, Some of you were kind enough to help me with this little abandoned goat and his goat lice a week or two ago, much appreciated! But now I have an entirely different problem! He's in the house with me right now. Background-5 week old pygmy dwarf from neighbours farm rejected by mama. I...
  5. C

    4 week old indoor baby goat with lice. How do I treat?

    Hi all, I've recently inherited a 3(now 4 week as of today) old baby dwarf pygmy that was rejected by his mama at birth. His previous owner had him inside, but is no longer able to keep up with the feedings because of work, so now he lives here. BUT today...I found what looks like eggs....and...
  6. A

    New Nanny goat with week old kid- ran away-

    My husband and I just adopted a 1.5 year old doe who just had a female kid last week. We moved them up to our orchard yesterday. It was our understanding that our orchard was fenced and protected. Goats were stressed but lounging under trees; at noon today they disappeared. We discovered a major...
  7. MaryZoe

    How much milk is too much? Help!

    Hello, I've read all about how dangerous it is to overfeed kids, and I've checked the recommended feeding schedules for baby goats, but my week old mini-Nubians act like they're starving still when I feed the suggested quantities. Should I feed them as much as they seem to want, or cut them off...
  8. newton the goat

    has her stomach dropped?

    My goat is supposedly due potentially in the next two weeks. We are only guessing. I was wondering how can you tell if her stomach has dropped? The top two pics were taken tonight and the bottom one was two days ago.
  9. newton the goat

    danger to a new born kid?

    This is our first time ever having goats... we have one doe ( newton) and one billy (rosco) . Our little girl is close to kidding, only a few weeks away we are guessing, but we are nervous about our Billy. He is frequently in and out of rut quite regularly not to mention his overly rough...
  10. savanna

    2-3 week old bottle Pygmy kid isn't playing or jumping around

    yesterday I bought a 2-3week old Pygmy kid. He was taken from his mom a week ago and was started on whole milk bottle feeding. He is so adorable and loves cuddling soooo much. But that seems to be all he's doing. He just sits with me or sleeps on me since I got him. If I get up he'll yell for me...
  11. Sage Albright

    Baby goat with diarrhea

    Hello! On Monday we went and picked up our second baby goat. He's a 10 week old fainting goat. The previous owner only has 3 goats and this litter was unexpected. The owner only fed them hay and let them eat out in the field. Today the baby goat started having diarrhea. Do you think it could...