barn cat

  1. S

    Hey All 🙋‍♀️

    I am from the foothills of NC. We have dogs, cats, and I work closely with a friend that has Chickens. But the main reason I am here is we have 3 Quarter Horses and I am wanting to learn all I can.
  2. abraeri

    First Time Barn Kitty Questions

    So we got two 8 week kittens from someone who trapped them in his backyard. Testimony of the trapper is they were 'real killers' so hoping for some mouse carcasses soon lol. He sort of tamed them to being okay with human touch sometimes. I petted them the day we got them and they were fine...
  3. Wehner Homestead

    Ella (A Barn Cat’s Journey of Mothering)

    We had previously expected Ella to have kittens but were mistaken. DH saw “the act” between Wilson and Ella about three weeks ago and then a stray yellow tabby tom last week and Ella. She’s bound to be expecting now. My research showed domestic feline gestations to be 58-63 days. Does anyone...
  4. Poka_Doodle

    My barn cat found another job

    So I thought it might be fun to post that my lazy barn cat has turned into a LGC, he started helping my herd my chickens in. While he doesn't exactly guard them I thought a couple people would get a laugh out of this. Now he needs to start actually losing weight.