1. S

    Hey All 🙋‍♀️

    I am from the foothills of NC. We have dogs, cats, and I work closely with a friend that has Chickens. But the main reason I am here is we have 3 Quarter Horses and I am wanting to learn all I can.
  2. M

    Rain-soaked stall

    We had a big wind storm just after Christmas. It ripped part of the roof off our old post frame barn. The roof was already pretty leaky, but now, the two stalls we had our goats in are completely uncovered. The straw we used for bedding is completely soaked. While we wait on someone to come out...
  3. N

    New small barn- ventilation and flooring help?

    Hi folks! 3 months behind schedule, but my framers have finally started on my barn, and I have some questions about ventilation, floor substrate and etc. I have 2 bred Toggenburg does arriving in a few weeks (kidding in February), and will grow into a small herd of goats and maybe also a few...
  4. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Rabbit Barn design

    Hi all, I am planning to build a rabbit barn to house my rabbits and I'm hoping you can provide some tips or information to help make it work. Right now I have 2 bucks, 11 does, and 2 litters. I am using wire cages placed on metal pipes suspended over metal sawhorses. The cage area is covered...
  5. seachick

    Goat stalls - cover the 2x4 framing or not?

    Building a new small barn -yay! Question: is there any advantage to covering the inside of the framing, at least the lower half, with boards or plywood? I see this done both ways in photos of other people's barns. It seems like it might make cleaning out the stall easier without all those...
  6. Goat Shaman

    Want to Build a Goat Barn

    I want to build a goat barn but I don't know where to begin. I milk my goats, and I want a barn where I can keep my feed and milk my does. They are in a fenced in area with a dinky little shelter and I think they need something better than a little shelter. Their feed is in my house and I...
  7. promiseacres

    Pole barn for horse with apartment

    ok we are looking at a new property. My Mom is looking at it with us and our thought is to build a horse barn with an apartment as a MIL quarters? Anyone have any experience with this? Is it cost effective?
  8. CrockpotGodess

    North Eastern setups

    Building barn/shed for 2 mini goats next weekend. Cannot seem to make my mind up on the set up. Keep bumping back and forth between one idea and other. I have the fencing under control. But just really can not decide on housing. There is a multitude of info out there but everyone seems to live...
  9. Miranda Kurucz

    I made my boys their very own Goat Boat

    I am so proud of this project! Meet our new boys! Lenny and Carl have been home for a 11 days now and I figured it was time to share their awesome house!!! I am so proud of The Goat Boat: To see more on the making of:
  10. Ferguson K

    Inexpensive housing

    Morning! I thought I would share with y'all our new recycled loafing sheds. The cattle panels were originally purchased three years ago. We have tons of them lying around, and tons of hog panels. The wire that was used to the there together was baling wire off of our bales of alfalfa. For...