1. guardianoftheherd

    Quick question for other horse people...

    So, last year, I had the opportunity to meet a very handsome quarter horse gelding named 'Rooster'. I noticed he would go up to the 4 foot wooden fence and scratch his backside on it so one day I just went out there and scratched him all over the place. He turned to where his head was facing the...
  2. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    No fall off, possible to be pregnant?

    I have a new buck (5+ months) and he is willing but he hasn't fallen off when I tried breeding him. He is very interested in the doe and mounts but usually doesn't have things lined up. This is the first time trying to breed him since I got him around 3+ months old. I have put him with the same...
  3. R

    Aggressive Donkey Possibly?

    I recently got a donkey from an old lady that has never been handled. He was a guardian for her sheep but she had to get rid of them so he was lonely and needed a home. I've been in contact with a local donkey rescue to get him a companion but they're waiting on more donkeys and she really...
  4. MrsWildside

    The Interesting Behavior of a Goat

    The Ohia tree; wonderful for snacking and for scratching! Or posing! It's been raining for a couple of days now, so my girls really appreciate the warm break! Probably should've posted this in a journal forum, oh well... Can do that later! Just thought I'd share this silly moment!