1. Rosetta

    Goats ear bleeding. Predator?

    I posted a couple weeks ago about my Nigerian Dwarf x Pygmy goat, Mario. His ear kept bleeding, and it was supposed his twin brother being housed with him, bit Mario on accident. Now there's a big dent on the tip of his ear and blood on the same side of his face. Could this be a small predator...
  2. Rosetta

    Ears bleeding?

    My goat, Mario, is a Nigerian Dwarf and Fainting Goat crossed buck. He is about 6-7 months old, and is housed with his twin brother, Vinnie. I recently noticed that the tops of his ears are bleeding. What is it? How can I help it?
  3. First Time Goat.Mum

    Bleeding Banding

    Just as everything is settling down, I went to check and Dilly is bleeding. He was banded approx 4 weeks ago (1 week old but he had dropped) and a livestock vet said the banding looked great but today I went to check and his parts were bleeding and were barely hanging on my a strand. From my...
  4. WildOaksManor

    ND Goat with ultra dry, flaking skin - Vet suggests euthanizing?

    My 1 1/2 year old Nigerian Dwarf, Arrow, is having a rough time. I am hoping someone here has some advice or experience with a similar issue. Arrow was wormed with Ivermectin pour-on, per vets recommendation at the end of Sept, '16. Shortly after, I noticed flaking, dry skin on a couple does...