1. R

    What killed my Ewe?

    Literally just happened within the the past several hours. I last checked on the flock at around 12pm today. Came to check on them now at 3pm, and my eldest Ewe is dead and extremely bloated... Did she die from bloat??? For a bit of background, we had purchased this ewe with her lambs last...
  2. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Lamb Refusing to Eat, Drink, or Stand

    I have a 4 month old Barbados lamb that refuses to eat, drink, or stand on her own. She is having regular bowel movements and peeing (hard pea-sized pellets, and slightly yellow urine). I think she ate something in the pasture that didn't agree with her, and she bloated. I have been successful...
  3. Demigoddess

    Bloated but otherwise normal?

    Hey folks! My (7 week old) kid has a tight, slightly asymmetrical belly. Otherwise, she's still eating fine, jumping and running around... I'm just wondering how concerned I should be. I've been giving her baking soda and messaging her till she burps. What's the next step y'all recommend...
  4. promiseacres

    intestinal parasite control

    Ok so hit my bunny herd this spring with a round of corid for cocci and fenbendazole for stomach worms. But thinking my jrs need a dose. They are doing ok but not in great flesh condition. They get hay bellies very easily and had a couple new owners concerned about bloat. I don't know that they...
  5. Hawaiianhighlandsfarm

    Unstable sheep

    Hey guys it's been a while since ive posted cuz things with my ewe have been going pretty good. Until today! She is doing things ive never seen before. My husband just told me she got into the cracked corn and went to town. So now im thinking its bloat. I drenched her with olive oil and she...
  6. GAF

    Goat got into grain bin- how do I prevent bloat?

    One of our goats got into the feed bin when I was not looking and ate a ton. How do I prevent bloat? I gave her some baking soda. Should I give vinegar or probiotics? Activated charcoal? oil? Salt? Vitamin B complex? Should I withold water? She did this about 5 minutes ago.