boer goats

  1. River Farm

    How much foraging area do Boer goats need?

    I am wondering how much foraging space Boer goats in a slightly forested area need when they are unsuplimented with feed.
  2. L

    All my Boer Goats are Fullblood or Purebred

    All of my Goats are Fullblood or Purebred with the majority of them being Fullblood. All of my Foundation herd was Registered through ABGA. I did not keep registering them because I have been raising them for meat. However, these animals have proven genetics and are show quality. Selling them...
  3. bollmash

    Hello from Texas!

    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a high school student from Dallas County. This year, I will be showing a Boer doe (breeding) at many major shows across Texas as part of the FFA. The problem... I’ve never shown goats. I’ve never even owned a goat! I know nothing except for bits and pieces! I do...
  4. L

    Do my goats have enterotoxemia and how should I treat them?

    I have triplet Boer goats that are 2 weeks old today. They were orphaned and are bottle babies. One of them went off of his bottle 2 days ago, (they were all getting 11-12 ounces 4 times a day) he only drank about half at 3 of his feedings that day. 4 hours after we went back outside and he was...
  5. Colorful_Goat_Mama

    Bracing Boer goats

    Hi. I've read all that there is on teaching goats to brace for showing but I am just not still getting it.... :( I will place my leg on the chest of the goat and gently press. If I get even a little bit of resistance. I'll reward with treat or release pressure but I've been at this stage for the...
  6. Ackthecat

    Breeding an Oberhasli with Boer buck

    I have an Oberhasli that I need to refresh and am not sure that I can find another Oberhasli in my area to breed her with. I was wondering if I could breed her to a Boer billy and still get some good milking or meat goats from this mix? I do want to raise Boers in the future and my husband says...