bottle feeding

  1. K

    Orphaned Baby Feral Goat Bottle Feeding

    TLDR: what is normal for baby goat bottle feeding, how much, how often? Feeding behaviors, when will she eat texture, etc? Grunting after feeding? Tooth grinding? Not taking to the bottle. I picked up an orphaned feral baby goat, that has imprinted on myself and husband, this is my third day...
  2. Rosetta

    Update on Rosie

    My Nubian boar doe is about 3 weeks old and her name is Rosie. We recently took Rosie to the vet, because she was coughing and her nose was runny. When we got there, she was diagnosed with a severe case of bronchitic pneumonia, due to fluids in the lungs. I started blaming myself for not bottle...
  3. Rosetta

    Goat falling asleepwhen bottle feeding!!!

    Help! My baby goat keeps falling asleep when I go to feed her. Then the bottle leaks everywhere and I don't know if shes eating anything at all. Or just making a mess. Tips?
  4. Rosetta

    Trouble bottle feeding

    I have a new baby goat, she's a board/Nubian cross, and she's about two weeks old. (Her name's Rosetta) I tried bottle feeding her for the first time, (I know it doesn't always work the first the first time) and she would only take it from the side of her mouth. She wouldn't suck it, just chew...
  5. Carla D

    URGENT: bottle feeding piglets info desperately needed.

    We had ten baby piglets three days ago. We are down to three now. I think the only way we will manage to save them is if we take them away from their momma and bottle feed them. I’m going to need some fast tips on how to bottle feed them. ***Will they drink from Pritchard nipples? ***How much...
  6. Chickens

    Need help with orphaned 2 day old buckling

    So 2 days ago my MILs doe gave birth to a little buckling we all thought she looked like she was still going to have another baby but we stayed out in barn with her for hours and she just cleaned the little buckling and watched out for him she walked around eating hay and drinking water she...
  7. K

    Switching nipples

    ok so I’ve raised my lambs on 9oz dollar store baby bottles thus far. They are now ready for much bigger quantities so I got 1 quart bottles with lamb nipples and they hate them! I have to force feed them. I hate having to bringing out the extra formula and pour multiple bottles so how do I...
  8. K

    How and when to start weaning lambs

    We have two lambs we are bottle feeding. One is 4 weeks the other is almost 6 weeks. They drink water out of a bucket and nibble at grass but they still really like their bottles. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  9. tailsticks

    Piglet help!

    Hi - I am in Hawaii, I have three adult pet wild pigs that were all hand raised and one of them had three babies on Dec 13th. All three nursed the first day. Then day two one was pushed out and was not nursing while the other two thrived. He could barely stand, the other two were bouncing...
  10. K

    4 week Pygmy, how to I get it to take a bottle?

    Help! My 4 week old Pygmy twins mom is gone and I need to get them on the bottle, but obviously they are terrified and refusing. They are eating grain and hay and drinking water but I don't know how to get the milk replacer into them. Any advice?! Thanks a bunch!!!!
  11. Thatdaywewokeupasfarmers

    What to Expect When Your Goat's Expecting?

    I'm sure all of my questions could be answered by surfing through the other threads on this site more deeply, but I'm pretty new around here and still feeling my way around. Anyway, my Rosie-girl (two year old Alpine) is pregnant! Her due date is April 17th, and as the time is getting closer...
  12. MaryZoe

    How much milk is too much? Help!

    Hello, I've read all about how dangerous it is to overfeed kids, and I've checked the recommended feeding schedules for baby goats, but my week old mini-Nubians act like they're starving still when I feed the suggested quantities. Should I feed them as much as they seem to want, or cut them off...
  13. MaryZoe

    New goat momma with twin week old mini-Nubians--bottle feeding question

    Can I bottle feed them powdered whole goat's milk? Or is the pasteurized goat's milk I buy in the store better? My concern is that the store goat's milk is low fat. I assume I'd have to add some fat of some sort in that. I've also used whole cow's milk, which they seem to enjoy. I can't help...
  14. Finge

    Trouble Bottle Feeding

    So, today my parents surprised me with two Nigerian bucklings, and we're having trouble bottle feeding, I don't know if they're just not hungry or not, ill try in the morning and see if they cooperate a bit more. They are both almost 3 weeks old.
  15. Chickens

    Star will be 3 weeks old monday i think ive got problem

    My problem is star is her moms first kid and shes not producing enough milk her utter is only swollen on one side the other is close to her body the side that is a little swollen is only about the size of a baseball and she kicks star off after about 3 seconds of feeding her star is getting...
  16. Goat Whisperer

    Barn fire

    This is the season for baby goats, and unfortunately barn fires as well. :hit 2 barn fires in less then 10 days.... 60 goats dead, not sure if this was from a heatlamp or not... These folks lost their milk barn...
  17. The Curly girl

    Hi EVERYONE I'm new to the site and to the ranch life.

    Hi :) My name is Fernanda. I am 25 yrs old and from Mexico. I was born in Mexico and was raised both in Mexico and L.A California. Despite the fact that I always had a city life, my soul always knew I wanted to be around nature. When I was 20 I moved back to Mexico "for good". Little did I...