1. SloanHerd

    New from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Hi, all! My name is Ross and I am new to this group and the goating world (WOW, there’s a lot to learn!!!!). My wife and I purchased two female Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are in love. We named them after our favorite beaches, Rosemary and Alys! I am constantly looking for information and...
  2. C

    Baby wheezing post feed.

    I've got a baby that I'm bottle feeding she's only 4days old and had been taking to it fine. However, I noticed today after feeding that she was wheezing. I tapped her sides to get her to cough, which she did but I can't get her to cough all of it up. She's whining softly when she exhales along...
  3. Corinne

    Recurrent Diarhea

    Hello! I’m new to BYH and in need of a little advice. Typically I would opt straight for veterinary care vs “Dr. Goggling” but this hopefully is somewhat simple. First and foremost Regina (1.5 week old Brangus calf) is doing well for the most part. She is acting like a normal spunky little lady...
  4. WildOaksManor

    Scours in bottle fed lamb - 60 hrs old??

    This is my first bottle baby, rejected at birth. Wensleydale ram. He got colostrum for the first 6 hrs, then two long 15 min feeds, 12 hrs apart while the ewe was restrained. Obviously not sure exactly how much he got. He is now on powdered milk replacer. Started out feeding 4 ounces every 3 hrs...