1. A

    New to goats feed question

    Hi everyone, so I have a friend who wants two pygmy goats and wishes me to house them. I have also been planning on adding Nigerian Dwarf goats to my farm and thought it would be a good idea to get them all at the same time so I can have a decent size herd to start and no one will get lonely...
  2. Fishychix

    Aggressive doe?

    My doe had kits on the wire and they did not survive. This has been about three weeks ago. We did not rebreed her yet. However, she never minded being touched and petted but ever since she lost the kits she has been very grouchy. She will let me sort of touch her, but not let me really pet her...
  3. shepherdO

    Maiden Ewe with uneven/drooping udder...?

    I have a ~5 year old rambouillet-suffolk ewe who has a strange udder condition - the left side droops down, and doesn't look at all like an unbred ewe's udder. She is not, and has not ever been bred according to her previous owner. She resembles a hippopotamus, and from what I've read online...
  4. shepherdO

    Is 5 years old too old to breed a Maiden ewe?

    Hello all - I'm new here, and looking forward to the collective wisdom, experience and advice of this forum. So I've inherited two rambouillet-suffolk ewes, aged about 5 years old each. They've never been bred, but I've been toying with breeding them with my smaller-ish Shropshire ram as...
  5. AudieWarren

    What kind of goat is this?

    So recently my stepson bought a cute little goat from the auction. Will after about 2 weeks, he(the goat) found his way to our house. He made himself home with my chickens and turkeys. Well we have since paid my stepson for the little guy. I'm just curious what breed or breeds he might be. It...
  6. Marie28

    Black silver fox rabbits bucks & does Northern WI w/pictures

    We have four black silver foxes for sale (born 7/8/17). As of now I believe we have two does and two bucks. I will post pictures soon. They are $40 each with pedigree. They have great personalities and have had a lot of human contact.
  7. BunnyBoxHop

    If I Had To Chose Only Three....

    If you could only chose three animals, what would they be? Only three. You can have as many as you want, but only of those three animals. This is a hard one. Tell us if you could do it in REAL LIFE after you are done choosing. Here's mine! 1. Chickens 2. Goats 3. Ducks I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO DO...
  8. Kaye

    What breed is this doe??

    I'm not even sure where to start. I don't have anything to go on, as when I asked the (children) I bought her from what her breed was they just looked at me funny and the youngest one said, and I quote: 'a straight eareded one'. So I just gave up on that for the time. They named her Elsa, so I...
  9. M

    Idea on breed?

    Does anyone know what breed or cross this cow might be? I bought her because I think she is gorgeous. She was breed to a black angus bull and her calf is a beautiful grey.