1. K

    Sick Bunnies

    I recently started breeding rabbits for the FFA. I am currently on my second liter and my female Dutch rabbit gave birth to 9 babies, however, I came to check on them and suddenly the nest was in pieces, the kits were peed on and looked starving. I cleaned the nest and added fresh hay. Two of...
  2. Goat Shaman

    My Goats

    I have 5 goats. My male Ronin is my smallest and youngest; and he's a Nigerian Dwarf. My does are Bambina (a Nigerian Dwarf), Periwinkle (a Pygmy), Wanda (a Boer/Nubian mix), and her daughter Imzadi who's sire was a long haired pygmy who I sold several months ago. Keep in mind, I prefer having...
  3. Green Acres Farm

    Exciting Breeding Lineups

    What are the breeding lineups you're most excited about this year? Post pics and pedigree link if available! @Southern by choice @Goat Whisperer @OneFineAcre @frustratedearthmother @Baymule @Fullhousefarm @babsbag @Latestarter @Goatgirl47 @Bayleaf Meadows @animalmom @BlessedWithGoats
  4. F

    Question on selling rabbits

    I'm looking into breeding mini rex rabbits for pets. And possibly a small amount of meat. I'm in southern Newhampshire. Most rabbit breeders I've seen are more northern. But I'm just wondering, are pet rabbits in demand? Or will I end up with only a few sold and have the rest to deal with? I...
  5. F

    What type of rabbits do people want?

    I have been thinking about breeding rabbitsas a hobby. But I am wondering, what do people want? Do pet rabbits or meat rabbits sell better? Should I do crosses or purebred? I'd like to do crosses, but I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of mutts no one is interested in. What are some nice...
  6. WildIrishRose


    So I plan on getting a couple Nigerian does here in the future. My goal is solely for milk (and making things from the milk). Since I would just have a couple on a small parcel of land, I really don't want to have to keep a buck and always keep him separated. So my question is, when it comes...
  7. newton the goat

    breeding after weaning.

    So finally I was able to wean my lambs from my sheep. (A little later than I'd like) and I was wondering how long after the lambs have been weaned will the mothers be ready to breed? Our young ram will soon be getting to a breeding age and we hope to have them bred early to mid summer. Is it...
  8. TheKindaFarmGal

    TheKindaFarmGal's Journal - Long overdue updates! Cow calved

    Before I begin, I just want to say that @micah wotring made me do this. I mentioned I was thinking about starting a journal, and he made a ridiculous claim that left me no option but to start a journal as soon as I could. And that is now. :D =D Now, I probably won't be very good at this, cuz...
  9. Limonade Ranch

    Limonade Ranch - Starting our herd

    Here is a little introduction about us. Our children are in 4-H and wanted to show goats and use milk to make products to sell to raise money for camp and other 4-H things they love to do. Last week we were gifted a 3 yr old Nigerian Dwarf buck (Mr. Buckey) from another 4-H member who has...
  10. Y

    Confused Rabbit - False Pregnancy?

    I am new to breading rabbits (and this forum) and need advice. One of my does (a meat mutt with some giant breed mix) failed to birth a litter after being bred. This is her first breeding at about 1 y.o. She seemed to be "acting pregnant" (gained weight, flopped on her side when resting, made a...
  11. Y

    Confused rabbit - false pregnancy?

    I am new to breading rabbits (and this forum) and need advice. One of my does (a meat mutt with some giant breed mix) failed to birth a litter after being bred. This is her first breeding at about 1 y.o. She seemed to be "acting pregnant" (gained weight, flopped on her side when resting, made a...
  12. Alibo

    Anyone ever created their own farm/herding dog breed?

    Short story is that my husband and I have always loved dobermans and german shepherds. But I don't necessarily like the German shepherds and he feels the same about the Dobie. We agreed on a Beauceron and we're ready to get on waiting lists and then... BluBelle came into our life. She is a blue...
  13. Marie28

    *update video pg 7* Newfreewill Rabbit Adventure

    Decided I should keep a journal or our adventure :] We have just started our rabbit. We have 3 Silver Foxes. 1 Doe (Ruby) and 2 Bucks (Topaz & Onyx). We where told Onyx was a boy and he was kept with his sister until we noticed some aggression. He was not very willing to let us look at his...
  14. Marie28

    Breeding half uncle

    We just bought 3 silver fox rabbits (2 does 1 buck) to breed for meat and to sell. Turns out one of our does is actually a buck. He is a 1/2 brother of our doe. The question is if we keep a doe from her litter with the unrelated buck is it a good idea to breed them? We are worried about selling...
  15. chickchick

    New gal on the block, new to Nigerian Goat Herds too!

    Hi everyone! I'm an avid forum reader but never posted questions before. It will be nice to have friendly advice to help me be a good momma for my new goats. Soon to be midwife! I have an situation I would love advice on, I'll post a new thread. Nigerian dwarf doe accidentally bred...
  16. Kissofcrimson

    Chocolates & Blacks torts..

    Does anyone have a picture of a chocolate tort holland lop? I have a doe whom I've thought was a black tort but when she was caged up with a supposed chocolate (for breeding) he seemed duller then her. She has a more orange, then brown coloring, more like a chocolate but I'm not sure if she's...
  17. Hawaiianhighlandsfarm

    Clun Forest/Romney cross

    Aloha I am a beginning shepherdess that has one Clun Forest ewe and ram. I live on the big island of Hawaii. There are two trusted sheep breeders here. One has Clun Forests with a very very small amount of Kathadin in the bloodline (that's where mine came from). The other has Romney's. I have...
  18. Kaye

    Kaye's bunny journal

    I've had rabbits before, but it has been a long time since I've had more than one at a time. We got my buck, Thumper, three, almost four years ago and I got him a doe two months back, Blossom. I was told that she didn't take care of her litters. They had a litter of nice, healthy kits and...
  19. Green Acres Farm

    What % of inbred is too much?

    Looking on the ADGA genetics site and was wondering what % of inbred is too much on people's opinion. I know it's different for each scenario, but any guidelines? @OneFineAcre @Southern by choice @Goat Whisperer @Fullhousefarm
  20. Green Acres Farm

    Green Acres Farm - LA

    We got into goats a little over a year ago, and in our herd of 16, 6 (yes, 6) are bucks...:th:th:th Unfortunately, only one is a good quality, registered buck (a Saanen). AND, there are two sets of pretty much identical twins... Anyways, if I can get rid of the rest of the bucks, I can get a...