1. MG'S Rabbits

    What's going on??

    Hi! I've been breeding rabbits for about a year, but just starting to breed Holland lops. I have a buck who was born early March, that I got about a month ago. And I was checking him to see if he's "ready" and I saw two flaps of skin where the testicles would be. Is this because they haven't...

    Looking for advice on separating goats?

    It looks like Calamity Jane is close to giving birth. She is really full of milk and has some Discharge. I decided to put Little boy blue by himself for awhile he can be rambunctious at times, it's an adjacent pen to the main yard separated by a common fence. So he's not really entirely alone...
  3. Wehner Homestead


    This theoretical at this point. Diamond is due any time and is quite the producer. Since our main goal is milk production right now (without sacrificing udders and overall confirmation to stand the test of time) we are considering keeping a buckling. She's bred to a buck named, Tuck, and his...
  4. Miranda Kurucz

    From kids to full grown -- post your before and after shots

    Curious to see the changes that occurred in all the goats out there from kid to adult. I have been on the long haul wait (since October!) for kids, and now my two wethers come home early June. I have been reading through the articles and forums, and now I'm ready for more pictures of all the...
  5. NH homesteader

    Raising bucks

    Well, with kidding season coming, and some of us awaiting the arrival of future herd sires, I thought it might be an appropriate time for this. I've heard horror stories about bucks. I was going to purchase a buckling once and the man was horrified that I would allow my child to be anywhere...
  6. Green Acres Farm

    Green Acres Farm - LA

    We got into goats a little over a year ago, and in our herd of 16, 6 (yes, 6) are bucks...:th:th:th Unfortunately, only one is a good quality, registered buck (a Saanen). AND, there are two sets of pretty much identical twins... Anyways, if I can get rid of the rest of the bucks, I can get a...
  7. 1crazybird

    introductions, how and when

    My kid is getting older and I would like to see how my buck would get along with him. He is four weeks soon. He gets along well enough with my other doe but even she charges him. How and at what age should I introduce my kid buck to my buck? Thank you in advance!