1. Miss mouse

    Bunny drama

    Hey all! So we had our planned tan Flemish giant litter of four last week. Then the next day our 4 month old black female unexpectedly gave us 7 more! She must of gotten pregnant right before we broke up the litter at 3 months! And the litter’s next door neighbour was my California females. We...
  2. Rosetta

    Help! My doe rejected her babies! Alive or not? *****GRAPHIC IMAGES*****

    Help! We just went outside and found these two baby bunnies lying on the floor in her cage. We didn't even know she was pregnant! How do I find out if they're alive or not? How am I supposed to take care of them ifthey are alive? Help!
  3. F

    What type of rabbits do people want?

    I have been thinking about breeding rabbitsas a hobby. But I am wondering, what do people want? Do pet rabbits or meat rabbits sell better? Should I do crosses or purebred? I'd like to do crosses, but I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of mutts no one is interested in. What are some nice...
  4. KariBunny

    New Member <3 Question on Keeping Bunnies outside :)

    Hi Everyone, i have 3 bunnies outside in Hutch. What can i use for beding on the run? Thank you and God Bless :)
  5. promiseacres

    Selling bunnies

    I am raising velveteen lop rabbits. Many breed groups are cracking down on selling/reserving bunnies less than 8 weeks. I know there's some states with laws against selling at a younger age, not Indiana though. But my does are ready to have those babies weaned by 6, 7 weeks. So I usually pull...
  6. APictureofAmerica

    Bunnies in Idaho

    I have a small 'farm' up a couple of canyons in the high desert of Idaho. I made the decision to eat only the meat that I have raised and killed myself, and rabbits are our main meal. We also raise chickens, turkeys, a couple of calves and (hopefully soon) pigeons. Lots of green stuff as well...
  7. Animal Person

    Grooming Lion Head bunny

    I have a Lion Head female who will be 2 years in June. I did not know to groom her in the past, so she has a few mats by her tail:( They're too hard to cut off. Does anybody know if I can shave it off? Or should i try to cut it more?