1. M

    How Much to Sell My Calf For

    We are selling our 5 month Holstein heifer. She is super sweet, socialized with sheep, goats, and children, and is halter trained. How much is fair to sell her for? What avenues of sale are there besides craigslist and the sale barn (which is not our preference).
  2. M

    Calf Having a Seizure?

    I have a 12 week old bottle calf who appears to be having a seizure. She starts striking out backwards with her back legs, stands aloof, then lays down, and sometimes kicks her legs. We weaned her a few days ago. She is on pasture and hay, and yesterday we introduced purina cattle pellets. We...
  3. M

    Scottish Highland calving

    I went out to check on our two Scottish Highland heifers. They were bred this summer, although we never saw any action from the visiting bull. Anyway, they were bagging up and such. When I went out to check, I was checking over the one I thought would calve sooner. The other stood up and I...
  4. M

    Calf with a Cough

    My 7 week old Holstein calf has a dry cough after it being wet and the temp dropping from 72 to 27 degreesin 24 hrs. We put a blanket on her and she has shelter. What could or should I do for her?
  5. Corinne

    Recurrent Diarhea

    Hello! I’m new to BYH and in need of a little advice. Typically I would opt straight for veterinary care vs “Dr. Goggling” but this hopefully is somewhat simple. First and foremost Regina (1.5 week old Brangus calf) is doing well for the most part. She is acting like a normal spunky little lady...
  6. skeleroo

    New To Cows - QUESTIONS!!

    This past year my husband and I bought ten-ish acres and a really old farmhouse and we have slowly been settling in. Now that the land is fenced in properly and we've got working gates (!!!!) I'm ready to take the dive into the wonderful world of cattle. We want cows for meat. I'd like to breed...
  7. Matt n Lee

    How to transport a calf like a pro :)

    A little excitement when the neighbors bull calf shows up at our house unexpectedly
  8. F

    Ingrown Horns

    My mini zebu cow is about six year old now and her horns, which had always had a downward angle, took a sudden inward turn. Before the turn, Rose's horns would have grown past her face but are now angling for her eyes. She's heavily pregnant, with her due date somewhere in the next week at most...
  9. BunnyBoxHop

    The Best Cattle Contest~ Ends August 25th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Category (Cow/calf/bull): Use (dairy, meat, pet, ect...): Breed: Age...
  10. mysunwolf

    7 Week Old Bottle Calf Not Eating

    I guess it's my turn to post about bottle calf issues. We have a 7 week old Angus X bottle calf, being raised on good quality replacer. This morning she would not drink her bottle at all, and this evening she was not very hungry, though I did get some electrolytes into her. I took away her...
  11. newton the goat

    new to cattle

    so I was given a Holstein bull calf as a gift by a local dairy farmer for my family helping take down one of his old barns. he will be staying in their barn until it warms up out here a bit. I'm with him every morning and evening to get him to bond with me so when he comes to our home he will...
  12. Fruin farm

    Brown Swiss calf

    1 week old brown Swiss bull calf
  13. raeleigh26

    NE ok, iso mini cattle

    Does anyone have mini cattle for sale near Tulsa, ok, Any breed, heifers or cows? Thanks in advance!
  14. dragonkitty66

    Freddie won't drink.

    I have a 15 day old calf. Person I bought him from said he was half the weight he should have been for a Brown Swiss, about 40 lbs. First calf from mother. He was drinking well up until this morning. He drank a little milk replacer, maybe 1 pint. I waited a half hour or so and tried again...
  15. raeleigh26

    It's been a tough year, could use some feedback

    Hi, I've only just joined, and this is both a query and a mild vent post. We're in north east oklahoma, we've got 5 horses (2 are boarded,not ours) 2 labs, 3 cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and cattle. This year, both of my best breeding new Zealand does have eaten 3 litters, both were due...