1. A

    Rabbits and dog/cat questions

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting some Angora rabbits and want to keep them inside. I have two cats and a dog (Teddy Bear Shih Tzu), so basically the cats are bigger than the dog. They're all really good with animals as I have raised several sets of chicks and ducklings around them without...
  2. promiseacres

    Cats and earmites

    Sooo anyone have any good home treatment for a cat with earmites... have been treating him with OC drops for 2 months.... off and on.... he was treated with milbemite this summer at the vets.... I know some bunny people say oil of some kind... it's not an infection... just gunky ears smelly ears.
  3. Beekissed

    A place to discuss natural treatment of parasites

    I saw this forum doesn't have many posts on it and not much activity, which saddens me. I'm a big fan of using natural means to maintain health when at all possible, especially for animals. Lately I've been exploring the same methods for my dogs, though I've used natural methods on them down...