1. peteyfoozer

    Peteyfoozer’s Journey (because journaling’s not enough)

    In 2007, we left my home of almost 30 years, along with my training operation (I spent my life as a professional horse trainer) my family and my friends, and took a job on a 250,000 acre cattle ranch in SE Oregon beneath the Steens We are 2 hours from closest town, which has very little to...
  2. B

    Post crop surgery help

    My lovely ex battery had to undergone a surgical emptying of her crop yesterday under GA. the vet told me to give her soft food only and keep her in for a few days. Last night she had scrambled eggs but this morning she has not fully emptied her crop. Is this normal due to the surgery or should...
  3. L

    New-ish but trying to learn

    We have a mini-farm with goats, chickens, and guineas. If anyone wants to take goats or how to keep your guineas from running off and getting eaten please let me know! I love them all and I want them so to have the best life! We also have a couple of dogs if anyone wants to chat about those.
  4. Blamo'sBestBuddy

    What gender?

    Hi all, What gender is this 9 week old (about) chicken? She, (hopefully) is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. Thank you!
  5. Blamo'sBestBuddy

    Can I share my chicken coop?

    Hi everyone! I am building a chicken coop for my small flock of 6 chickens. I would love to share updated pictures! Just so you know, it is not done yet. Still needs about 5 more things. These are from today: I hope you like it!
  6. Farmer Connie

    Drone View Chickens

    Something I shared over at the poultry site. Thought I'd share it here.
  7. BunnyBoxHop

    BunnyBoxHop's~ Days with the quackers, clucks and the farm

    This is my journal of my life with animals! I will put my days in here with my animals. Press my user and find out about me! I won't write everyday and I might end up going a month without writing, but who knows! :p Day 1 Spent time with the ducklings outside and found out they are a pair...
  8. K

    Broody hen thread

    I know there were several on BYC and I had one asking questions about my girl so I figured I'd start one here. Anyone have any broodies currently? Did you let them hatch anything? Any cute pictures of hens with chicks perhaps? :D Anything broody related here. I have one that has been broody...
  9. C

    mille fleur d'uccle Molt?

    Hey guys thanks for taking the time to read my post. We have a 4 almost 5 week mille that has lost all of its feathers on its back just want to make sure this is normal. It is also housed with 4 other chickens in a brooder am wondering if they had anything to do with this. It is in with...
  10. Beekissed

    A place to discuss natural treatment of parasites

    I saw this forum doesn't have many posts on it and not much activity, which saddens me. I'm a big fan of using natural means to maintain health when at all possible, especially for animals. Lately I've been exploring the same methods for my dogs, though I've used natural methods on them down...
  11. Poka_Doodle

    Best Show bird aka Patriarch Rock Bantam sick

    Please help me I am freaking out. My Patriarch Rock Bantam is having a hard time eating, not acting herself, and unable to perch. She is currently in isolation with another show bird in the garage. A couple things about the weather just to possibly help are that it has been a cold week and the...