1. lcertuche

    Chicken Killing Mutts

    I am so mad this a.m. DH woke me at 4:30 a.m. to tell me those little chicken killing mutts my son rescued killed another one of my chickens. Well it turns out it wasn't one of mine so now I need to find out who lost a rooster last night. This dogs (2) were both dumped within days of each...
  2. W

    Hello from Alaska and BYC

    Hey everyone. I found this site through one of it's sister sites, Backyard chickens! I currently have chickens, ducks and quails. I am planning to get either goats or mini cows in the future. My family had goats when I was growing up, so I know and like goats. However I also really like cow...
  3. Deer Nightmare


    I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about learning from you guys!!! :celebrateI want to know EVERYTHING about cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bees, horses, etc... :weee I have eight cows and two pigs on the way. Thanks so much for your time! Every Deer's Nightmare (That is my nickname) :ya
  4. MendonOrchards

    MendonOrchards: Life on an Apple Orchard

    We had taken over Mendon Mountain Orchards officially Sept. 5, 2014. Jon and I had purchased it from his grandma who owned it for 35 years. The Orchard itself was established in the 1920's and we have approx 15 varieties of apples including Wolf River's, Wealthy's and a few other heritage breeds...
  5. MendonOrchards

    Hello From Mendon, Vermont!

    I know there are a few people on this forum from Vermont. Currently, all we have is chickens. We have more chicks, and some ducks ordered for spring. I am hoping to get into meat rabbits (and angora rabbits for fiber) here soon and in 3 years or so southdown babydoll sheep and some mini goats...
  6. P

    Chicken harness

    Hey, so I thought BYH would enjoy hearing about walking your chickens. I got an extra small chicken harness for Christmas, being the size it is perfect fit the bantams. Today I figured out how to put it on and took my Mille Fleur for a some fun in the grass. I will post pictures later, but my...
  7. P

    Getting baby chicks this spring? I have many tips for you

    Okay, I do know this is a little early but some hatcherys start at the end of January. So, I figured I would start this thread for those of you getting chicks to answer your questions, post tips about later when they move to a coop, and for you to post pictures. It would help if you posted the...
  8. H

    Newbie here....WA

    Hello!! Newbie here. Just decided we were going to start a homestead and embark in a new journey of acquiring some fainting goats and some start off. Anyone have any good advice or pointers we'd be greatly appreciative. Decided the best thing to do was gather info before we take...
  9. Beekissed

    The Education of Ben

    *******Warning: Thread may contain graphic pics of blood, innards, dead animals, etc., as we live on and work a homestead, on which this pup's job is integral. If this offends you, you might want to leave the thread now. ****** Thought I'd move my training of our 2.5 mo. old LGD pup over to a...
  10. P

    Poka_Doodle-Teaching a Chicken Showmanship-First day is over

    Okay, so I figured I might as well start this thread as my main showmanship chicken did it during County Fair and my older birds could use some teaching moments. Why am I starting this thread? Three shows in about 3 months makes one chicken not have fun being shown off to the judge and will...
  11. S

    Hiya, Chicken Person Here

    Hi there, I've never really used this forum very much because I don't have the appropriate animals but I have a breeding pair of guinea hogs now. Mostly, I do chickens and therefore am on BackYard Chickens more, also as SnowPeeOstrichU. Feel free to PM me there, as I'm more likely to see it. I...
  12. mysunwolf

    mysunwolf - four acres and some sheep

    I figured I should break down and start a journal, since I keep having the urge to post TMI in my lambing and other threads :p My spouse and I have four acres, a home on it, and plenty of critters. We have dabbled and experimented with quite a few livestock breeds and are currently very pleased...