1. Ctittle

    Anyone else have property prone to Cocci?

    Hey all, I’m fairly new to goats (less than a year). Our property (according to the vet) is prone to coccidia. Flat, clay soil, lousy drainage - first round of goats had to get Corid for five days after having them for less than two months. Then a few months later, when I finally got a vet out...
  2. 2

    Diarrhea HELP!

  3. promiseacres

    intestinal parasite control

    Ok so hit my bunny herd this spring with a round of corid for cocci and fenbendazole for stomach worms. But thinking my jrs need a dose. They are doing ok but not in great flesh condition. They get hay bellies very easily and had a couple new owners concerned about bloat. I don't know that they...