1. B

    Snow bunnies

    Looking for tips on raising snow bunnies. A little bit of background, I have bred rabbits for meat, wool, and show for almost 32 years now. I have a great system for raising rabbits in the middle of central Texas, but one thing we rarely encounter is a hard winter or snow. I'm used to keeping...
  2. shepherdO

    Shearing before Lambing - How close can you go?

    So my 8 ewes are due starting the 24th, and every few days thereafter for about 3 weeks. I've pondered having them shorn prior to lambing, but we were hit with a cold spell (-20 Celsius and some wind) about 3 weeks ago, so that answered the question for me. However, it's beginning to let up...
  3. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Barbados Blackbelly Cold Tolerance

    I have been doing tons of reading regarding temperature tolerances of sheep. I have a small flock of barbados blackbellies that were given to me by a friend (6 sheep and just got 2 new lambs the other day as a surprise!) In general, sheep do well in the 40s to 70s F range (as per what I have...
  4. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Lambing in Inclement Weather

    We got our flock of Barbados Blackbellies of 6 in early August and our girls must have already been pregnant, because I found a nice pair of surprises when I went out to them today: one of my ewes had twins! The gentleman we got them from said the two ewes were likely pregnant when we got them...
  5. J

    New Member - Llama/alpaca question

    Hello, I am Jenny and live in Northern Virginia with my family and a small farm of dogs, cats, chickens, goats and three llama/alpaca crosses. My question is if it is ok to lock the llamas in a barn stall when it dips below freezing? My Nigerian herd appreciates being closed in to stay warm, so...
  6. Coolbreeze89

    Piglets in cool weather

    I have 2 female Kunekune piglets, about 6 weeks old. They’re too small to go in my pen with my bigger pigs. Here in Texas, we’re about to approach the 40s at night (chilly for us!). Do the piglets need a heat lamp or am I overworrying? They have an igloo with thick, dry bedding, that faces out...
  7. Dwarfgoatnoob

    9 month old Nigerian dwarf

    can my 9 month dwarf survive in the cold? the temperature won’t drop below 15 degrees. Will he be ok or do I need heaters/heat lamps? Any input helps. New to this
  8. M

    Injured rooster from dog attack

    Sunday our roo was grabbed by a neighbors German Shepherd. He had some scrapes and bruises and was too sore to stand on his own, but I syringe fed and watered him until yesterday (Wednesday) he finally was able to eat on his own. And he even walked around and scratched a little today. I have...
  9. Grayfeathers

    New kits are not covered in pulled fur?

    I live in Idaho, and it is just below freezing at night now. I raise meat rabbits outdoors in a greenhouse with two layers of tarp as a roof. It keeps it warm but not WARM, you know? At least the water bottles are not freezing at all when it is down to 28 or 30*... My nest box is a 1/2" thick...