1. Mrs.Gray1211

    Cough? Gag? Rumen issue?

    Hey friends, We have a pelibuey/dorper ewe. Not sure of her age but we’ve had her approximately one year. In October she birthed a healthy female lamb. About 5 days ago I noticed her doing an odd thing. She was almost like coughing with no sound? Yesterday she started kind of baa-ing while she...
  2. HomesteaderWife

    Goat Emergency - Fine to Can't Stand Overnight

    EDIT: 1/20/2022 We sadly update that she passed away. For future reference - - Please scroll down to read the results of her veterinary visit. We will update and make posts with any progression updates good or bad. Hi everyone, I have a young female goat we have had for quite a few months who...
  3. Coolbreeze89

    Coughing pig

    I have an 18month old Kunekune sow who was healthy as can be til yesterday: developed sudden, harsh bouts of dry cough. Reminded me of when I get some dust in the throat when shredding a field. Just harsh and dry cough. She was acting fine, eating, no fever. Several hours later she was still...
  4. M

    Calf with a Cough

    My 7 week old Holstein calf has a dry cough after it being wet and the temp dropping from 72 to 27 degreesin 24 hrs. We put a blanket on her and she has shelter. What could or should I do for her?
  5. Cdevore

    Wet Cough: What Should I Do?

    We just got a Nigerian Dwarf Doe Friday. We were told she is estimated to be 8-11months old. We noticed that evening she had a cough. Her temp is 103.7 and she has no other symptoms. Her nose may be a little running but it's clear if it is (maybe just wet nose from water?). She's eating and...
  6. Toby Baillon

    Coughing or choking?

    I have a nubian goat in the Canary Islands. I hear her coughing a lot. Several times a day. But she is fit and well. In her excellent book "Raising Goats for Dummies" Cheryl K. Smith says (P.162) that "A healthy goat has no cough, a moist nose and dry eyes" Mine has a dry nose, although...
  7. KatandCrowley

    Coughing goat

    I have a 2 year old wether that I just bought a few months ago. He coughs occasionally maybe a few times a day. It is most noticeable before he goes to sleep at night, after he has eaten hay and some grain. My other goats do not cough at all. I'm pretty new to owning goats and I just want to...