1. A

    Basic H as a de-wormer?

    Hi all, does anyone use Basic H as a de-wormer? I ran across some information today that talked about how you can use it for sheep and cows, even dogs, as a de-wormer. They said 1.5t to a gallon of water every few months. Does anyone know if you can use this for other ruminants like goats or...
  2. guardianoftheherd

    Quick question for other horse people...

    So, last year, I had the opportunity to meet a very handsome quarter horse gelding named 'Rooster'. I noticed he would go up to the 4 foot wooden fence and scratch his backside on it so one day I just went out there and scratched him all over the place. He turned to where his head was facing the...
  3. Rancer

    Life is amazing out in Palisades WA

  4. Abbie Sapp

    should I show cows?

    I’ve been in 4H for 5 years now and I’m considering getting market cattle. I’m brand new to cows- so does anyone have any suggestions on what breed I should get and how if I should get one or two?
  5. EllieMay

    When City Folk Think Farming is Easy...

    Too funny! Video Link: City Folk Farming .
  6. TheKindaFarmGal

    New from BYC and Brazil! :D

    Hey everybody! I've stalked BYH for years, and been a member of BYC for over a year now under the same name. I'm a Christian teenage girl living in Brazil with my family, but I'm from the USA - I guess we're kinda considered missionaries. :) I love animals, and we currently have 1 peacock, 1...
  7. DaisythePig

    Cow has bare spots on neck that itch.

    My cow has crusty bare spots on her neck and eyes. Does anyone have any advice or similar cases? Any advice is welcome! Thank You!
  8. WildRoseBeef

    Slow Introductions on Pasture

    Recently I learned something that is worth repeating on here, though because of my job I'm not at liberty to post about the situation I learned about and was involved in. Instead, I will just share some information on cattle health and pasture management related to this case that you may find...
  9. Deer Nightmare


    I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about learning from you guys!!! :celebrateI want to know EVERYTHING about cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bees, horses, etc... :weee I have eight cows and two pigs on the way. Thanks so much for your time! Every Deer's Nightmare (That is my nickname) :ya
  10. Goat Whisperer

    Keep that baling twine away from your critters!!

    ****Graphic pic/video below***** I put this in the goat section because it get the most traffic. This goes for ALL animals, not just goats. This twine, although useful, is very dangerous and can KILL your animals. Please do not leave twine on the hay you feed and make sure to pick up any loose...
  11. J

    Calf tongue hanging out/foaming at mouth

    Got calf at 3 days old and bottle feed. Now he's about 1 mo. old. He ate fine at first but has progressively gotten slower. He wants to suck but is having trouble doing so. It takes him an hour to eat a bottle. He doesn't seem interested in grain or hay. His tongue hangs out of the right side of...