1. 2

    Pygmy x ND Cross?

  2. Lizjax

    Boer x nigerian dwarf cross

    My boer mix buck bred my nigerian dwarf doe unplanned. She has been in labor all week and getting close, has anyone ever delta with such a size difference and do you have any advise? I'm worried she is going to have a hard time kidding and the possibility of it being a big baby is very scary to...
  3. Hawaiianhighlandsfarm

    Clun Forest/Romney cross

    Aloha I am a beginning shepherdess that has one Clun Forest ewe and ram. I live on the big island of Hawaii. There are two trusted sheep breeders here. One has Clun Forests with a very very small amount of Kathadin in the bloodline (that's where mine came from). The other has Romney's. I have...