dairy goats

  1. G

    Best sites to sell goats (Northeast)

    Hello! Just had a boatload of kids (diary goats) and looking for the best sites to sell them. Live in Vermont, so looking for sites that cater to this area or can be searchable by location. Any thoughts? TIA!
  2. A

    For those who show goats...

    I have noticed, after jumping through forums a bit, that there aren't a lot of new/recent posts about people showing animals. So, I decided to create this thread for new members like me who would appreciate receiving new knowledge about goat shows. So feel free to posts pics, talk about which...
  3. Southern by choice

    Udders- Good/Bad/Ugly/Improved UPDATED! 3/12/18

    A take off of the "Herdsire Qualifications" thread. This thread is all about udders. Mainly udders that need improvement. Good, bad, really ugly (lol), improved etc. ;) When first starting out in goats many are unaware of what to look for but as time goes on many want to do more with their...
  4. ffa.okie.4h

    Show Goat Supply Recommendations

    What supplies do you use/recommend for Show Goats? What supplies should I invest in? What (in your opinion) was a waste of money? What was your best investment? Do you have any tips for using these products? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in Advance!
  5. LOLamancha

    Anorexic Goats- Feed

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for everyone whom raises dairy goats input on how to get Anorexic nanny Lamancha's to gain weight safely. The lady I bought them from sent me old pics of them being fat and healthy. When they arrived here, they were anorexic. Body score 1-10 they would be 1-2 at best...
  6. KatandCrowley

    How do you clip a dairy wether for fair?

    I am showing a dairy wether at Fair this year but am unsure how to clip him. Is it like market and meat goat wethers? This is my first time showing goats and I can't find anything on how to clip a wether for dairy classes. Thanks!
  7. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!