1. Rosetta

    Update on Rosie

    After admitting her to the hospital for the weekend due to a case of acidosis, (she can't breathe out enough carbon dioxide) we went to see her today, and she had to be put down. Her temperature dropped and her body was shutting down. There weregas bubbles in her abdomen and fluid outside her...
  2. Thatdaywewokeupasfarmers

    Lost Two Goats In a Month

    The only thing I asked for this Christmas was a goat. I already had two Alpines does that I loved, but I've always been fond of those big floppy ears on a Nubian. After months of researching, I finally found what seemed like the perfect girl. She was gorgeous, the right price, registered, and...
  3. R

    Pot bellied pig's friend died - how to handle

    Came back from vacation after a family friend was house sitting to one dead pot bellied pig. We think the most likely cause is contaminated water, but that's now a separate issue. We had two pot bellies who were getting along swimmingly, about a year old each. Looks like one died within the...
  4. Goat Whisperer

    Keep that baling twine away from your critters!!

    ****Graphic pic/video below***** I put this in the goat section because it get the most traffic. This goes for ALL animals, not just goats. This twine, although useful, is very dangerous and can KILL your animals. Please do not leave twine on the hay you feed and make sure to pick up any loose...
  5. D

    Help! Dying goats!

    We are very new to goat farming. We started off with 6 with 5 banded. All male of course. 3 of them have since died. 2 we just found in the morning not moving. The last one was rather bothersom... Because it was during the day and we were able to see what's going on. This morning, the boat would...