1. MiniSilkys

    Just got the results of my first fecals.

    Well, I just got the results of the first fecals that I sent off. Can anyone give me some advice? Should I deworm? Four goats need nothing but maybe three do. At least Cocci is out, I am happy about that. These are my results.
  2. Beekissed

    Culling to make the herd suit your management and pasture.

    Wonderful view on husbandry and one that I share: Greg Judy on parasite resistant sheep, not deworming livestock, graining sheep vs. grass fed sheep, etc. His portion of the vid is a little ways into it. What kinds...
  3. MargaretClare

    Weighing and Deworming Questions

    My family just acquired a semi-range calf who has a pretty impressive case of lice and I would like to worm his as well as deal with the lice. I have some Durvet Ivermectin Pour-On on hand but wanted to know if that was a good choice of wormer or if I should consider an injectable or perhaps a...