1. First Time Goat.Mum

    Purple Disbudding Spots?

    So today I decided to research and make sure our goats were properly disbudded and banded. After looking at a few things I saw that ours were not as most people’s looked. From what I saw most were brown and copper but ours are a deep purple. The dsibudding was done about two weeks ago but the...
  2. Green Acres Farm

    Best disbudding iron

    What is the best and quickest disbudding iron for goats? Thanks!
  3. Green Acres Farm

    Disbudding with local anesthesia

    Does anybody have experience with disbudding with local anaesthesia? Any tips? How hard is it to get the nerve? And yes, I know lidocaine can be very dangerous in the wrong amounts. We were going to use 1 ml 2% lidocaine with epinephrine diliuted with 3 ml of sterile water. Then divide that into...
  4. Green Acres Farm

    Hermaphrodites and Polled goats

    Please post why or why not you think the polled goat gene is linked to hermaphrodicism. I have heard both claims and am interested in what other people know or think. Thanks!
  5. B

    Disbudding help (warning pic)

    We are first time solo disbudding. Our doe gave us a cute little buck, which we knew would be harder. He was born July second and disbudded at 4 days old. He started to seem to regrow horns so we attempted to reburn last night. One horn was already much larger and we need guidance. We burned and...