1. tielie135

    rabbit does failing to carry

    hey so i have been trying to breed my rabbits for awhile now and i have been having nothing but problems. i have 3 does (two NZW and a rex) and one rex buck. i have put them in and the buck only ever has one fall off. it is immediate then he has no interest in the doe or doesn't have another...
  2. G

    Help! Injured Dewclaw on my Nursing Doe!

    I trimmed my mother's fainting goat's hooves today. Normally I'm quite good at it, but today as I was trimming the dewclaw she kicked and I took off a huge chunk of the dew claw off, hitting the quick. I feel terrible to the point of feeling sick to my stomach. It didn't bleed much--the...
  3. Miss mouse

    Bunny drama

    Hey all! So we had our planned tan Flemish giant litter of four last week. Then the next day our 4 month old black female unexpectedly gave us 7 more! She must of gotten pregnant right before we broke up the litter at 3 months! And the litter’s next door neighbour was my California females. We...
  4. kguthrie

    One Doe singling herself out?! New goats &Buck

    Hey guys ! I brought home new goats (3 does,and a little doe kid) and a beautiful HUGE (buck) to my original other 3 does. I got the new ones all from my mom ,closed herd healthy ect. from colorado to my place in Missouri. Everything has been great ,no health problems or anything soo far (its...
  5. HairyRedFairy

    Doe with Diarrhea and Lameness — HELP!!

    I just recently purchased an 8 year old pregnant doe. She seemed healthy, stool was fine, she was walking and eating— basically no problems. A couple of days ago she started having “pudding” constancy diarrhea, and laying down often. We thought the kids were just getting heavy. It’s been two or...
  6. T

    Looking for hobby animals, Illinois/Wisconsin.

    Hello! I am looking for ducks and a milking doe in the northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin area.
  7. CourtneySC24

    New happy healthy babies!

    Joyful had her babies yesterday morning! Two big, beautiful, and healthy does. Mom and babies are all strong and doing great! We’re so thankful that it’s been such a smooth birth, nearly a completely hands off experience. (Besides the iodine umbilical cord dip) After losing a doe last week...
  8. Marie28

    Kinda worried...

    So two of our three bred Silver fox does gave birth today! Our doe Ruby had 2 DOAs One was very large and kinda bloated the other one looked like she pulled it out (streched out with a hole in its belly area). She currently has 4 healthy but unfed kits in the beautiful nest she built. She has...
  9. CourtneySC24

    Pregnant Does with Lice, used Prozap dust, can I apply CyLence?

    We have three pregnant does. I bathed one of them last week and didn't see any bugs on her.. but now she seems to be infested with little white larvae looking bugs and some larger darker lice looking bugs. After reading up I believe its sucking lice. We've never experienced this before, but I...
  10. J

    Female Rabbit Keeps Trying to Turn Around While Breeding

    New member here! Have a question for those with more experience as I am just starting into this venture with meat rabbits. I have a breeding age doe and buck. I tried to breed them but every time I do, when the buck mounts, the doe always turns around and sticks her head in his crotch and...
  11. bollmash

    Hello from Texas!

    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a high school student from Dallas County. This year, I will be showing a Boer doe (breeding) at many major shows across Texas as part of the FFA. The problem... I’ve never shown goats. I’ve never even owned a goat! I know nothing except for bits and pieces! I do...
  12. Feo

    Doe can't pee need help asap

    Hey, I have a 3 year old nubian doe who had triplets in late March. She is frothing at the mouth and was chucking up cud. She keeps squatting and trying to pee, and gets a little out but then screams in pain (I think). She is basically no grain or hay just on grass/forage. She hasn't pooped in...
  13. EmilyClick28

    Doe died, kits are 3 weeks old. Help!!!

    My doe died unexpectedly this morning, for unknown causes. She has 6 kits that are all still alive, they are almost 3 weeks old. I really want to keep this litter alive, how can I do that? Can they eat hay and pellets yet? Is there some kind of formula I could bottle feed them? Please help...
  14. Goat Shaman

    My Goats

    I have 5 goats. My male Ronin is my smallest and youngest; and he's a Nigerian Dwarf. My does are Bambina (a Nigerian Dwarf), Periwinkle (a Pygmy), Wanda (a Boer/Nubian mix), and her daughter Imzadi who's sire was a long haired pygmy who I sold several months ago. Keep in mind, I prefer having...
  15. Marie28

    Black silver fox rabbits bucks & does Northern WI w/pictures

    We have four black silver foxes for sale (born 7/8/17). As of now I believe we have two does and two bucks. I will post pictures soon. They are $40 each with pedigree. They have great personalities and have had a lot of human contact.
  16. LOLamancha

    Anorexic Goats- Feed

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for everyone whom raises dairy goats input on how to get Anorexic nanny Lamancha's to gain weight safely. The lady I bought them from sent me old pics of them being fat and healthy. When they arrived here, they were anorexic. Body score 1-10 they would be 1-2 at best...
  17. Marie28

    Black Silver Fox Rabbit Doe (n. WI)

    We have a black Silver Fox doe for sale. She is 9 weeks 2 days (as of May 16). She is in great health and growing fast. We are asking for $30 or open to trade offers. Feel free to ask questions, more pictures can be added.
  18. Prairie Fleur

    KS - Nigerian Dwarf kids

    3 wethers or unregistered buck kids available. $50 each as wethers, $100 for intact herdsire prospects. Out of registered stock, excellent milking bloodlines. 1 mini Nubian doeling. Dam is producing approximately 3/4 gal/day. Sire is Dills Mister Missunderstood *B. Not registrable. $300 1...
  19. J

    Help please 3 wk doeling not eating

    The doeling is 3 weeks old and was a triplet. She was the runt. She was given to me a few days ago to save because mom wasn't feeding them and she was extremely underweight and dehydrated. She was grinding teeth Monday, cried when began urinating, refused to drink milk. She was seen by vet...
  20. Thetinyfearlesshomestead

    New Doe Turning Her Nose Up At Food

    New goat owner here, any advice is welcome. I have a new doe (Dani) that I moved to our little farm on the 19th. She's a it skinny, and her previous owners complained of not being able to keep weight on her - but ever since we got her, she turns her nose up at all the food we've offered her...