1. WildOaksManor

    ND Goat with ultra dry, flaking skin - Vet suggests euthanizing?

    My 1 1/2 year old Nigerian Dwarf, Arrow, is having a rough time. I am hoping someone here has some advice or experience with a similar issue. Arrow was wormed with Ivermectin pour-on, per vets recommendation at the end of Sept, '16. Shortly after, I noticed flaking, dry skin on a couple does...
  2. Mintatheena

    Physical pregnancy signs?

    Hello fellow goat owners! My Nigerian dwarf doe, Bella, was officially bred for the first time on October 28th when I suspected that she was in heat. She wasn't showing very many signs- however her pen mate, Asteria, was showing ALL the signs. Bella has never really shown any big signs of being...
  3. Kaye

    Nigerian dwarf over Pygmy does

    Elvis went to stud these two beautiful pygmy ladies. Jazzy and Speckles. Jazzy is Speckles mother. This isSpeckles first estrus and Elvis is full on in his first rut. He could smell these girls from the highway and made sure the back of the truck smelled like a buck in rut. Nice. So now I smell...
  4. Kaye

    What breed is this doe??

    I'm not even sure where to start. I don't have anything to go on, as when I asked the (children) I bought her from what her breed was they just looked at me funny and the youngest one said, and I quote: 'a straight eareded one'. So I just gave up on that for the time. They named her Elsa, so I...
  5. Kaye

    Kaye's bunny journal

    I've had rabbits before, but it has been a long time since I've had more than one at a time. We got my buck, Thumper, three, almost four years ago and I got him a doe two months back, Blossom. I was told that she didn't take care of her litters. They had a litter of nice, healthy kits and...
  6. promiseacres

    Would you foster kits?

    Ok. I had 3 does Kindle between 5 pm last night and 11 am this morning. First timer with 8, am leaving her be with her 8. An experienced doe (but not with me) with 6 and an experienced doe who has litter #3 for me has 10. Last May this doe had a litter of 11 and she did loose 2. So was...
  7. 1crazybird

    hello kidd-o

    We are proud to announce our new buckling, Chevy is doing great with momma (Cinderella). My DH wanted to see how the day old baby would be with his half brother ford and his momma, clover. I was okay with trying it out but ford has grown alot since he was born and already has his buds showing. I...
  8. 1crazybird

    limping momma

    I just came home to my doe who is pregnant, limping! She was out wondering so I am not sure how it happened but checking her over it seems to be a sprain but I fear worse. I see that there is no cut on her leg and though her hove needs a little trim it looks good. She is putting some wait on it...
  9. 1crazybird

    tricky kidding

    My one doe who I believe is breed is showing signs that she is kidding. Only problem is she seems ready to kid then all signs stop. Her udders are visible and about a hand full. She should be due soon but she doesn't have any saddle bags. She shows signs of mucus then stops. Has anyone else...
  10. EmilyClick28

    Doe not building nest in nesting box! please help

    Hi I'm new to BYH but I really need some help with this. I recently bred my mini lop doe, who is about 7-8 months old and a first time mother. She is expected to have her babies sometime next week (on the 16-17th) and on day 22, I put the nest box in her cage just like I'm supposed to do. (its a...
  11. M

    Advice/Opinion on possible pregnancy?

    Okay, I bought two does in mid/late January, the 17th if I remember correctly. According to seller they are both 2 yrs old and both successfully kid once previously. He had them with an 8mo buck, so there is a chance they are pregnant. Now, my question is this: at least 2 weeks ago one of...
  12. SchönFarbe

    Taming my new buck. HELP!

    Ok I just resently acquired a year and a half old boar buck who hasn't been around people much and has lived in a 10 x 20 foot pen all of his life. He is huge probably 200 lbs at least. He is pretty wild and I'm nervous to be around him being as I only weigh 110 lbs. So how do I tame and control...
  13. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!