1. H

    Donkey being aggressive - help

    I have a 7 month old jack (about to be gelded next week) who we have had for a bit over a month. He is a sweet boy and we want him to be an interactive part of our 10 acre farm life. He is showing signs of aggression, biting, running at us and sometimes even trying to stomp his front legs at us...
  2. thylacinu

    Future Herder in KS

    Hey y'all, I don't own anything other than cats and dogs right now, but I'm saving up my money to get a house with some acreage in the next couple of years or so and to keep some a couple of donkeys and/or mules as companion animals as well as a small flock of chickens and maybe a few other...
  3. R

    Aggressive Donkey Possibly?

    I recently got a donkey from an old lady that has never been handled. He was a guardian for her sheep but she had to get rid of them so he was lonely and needed a home. I've been in contact with a local donkey rescue to get him a companion but they're waiting on more donkeys and she really...
  4. Ashley Wasinger

    New baby goat and mini donkey foal

    Just recently acquired a 4 month old mini donkey and a 4 and a half month old Nigerian dwarf goat. I have so many questions and need all the advice I can get!
  5. DaSouthernYankee


    Hey everybody! So our backyard farm is growing and prospering and bring sooo much joy! We now have ducks, chickens, and two Nigerian dwarf does. I keep driving past a huge farm and eye balling their donkeys and can’t help but think we could use one! Haha So my question is, is it necessary two...
  6. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Hey y'all I might buy a jack (not gelded) donkey, and we have 4 goats due to kid on Friday so I was wondering if the jack would try to kill the kids when they are born or what he would do??… We want him for a guardian for them all… So would it be ok If I get the jack before they kid or should I...
  7. R

    Rescue donkey hates her feet being trimmed

    I'm brand new to the forum and have a question. We rescued a donkey named Buttercup a few years ago, we have horses so she just hangs out with them. I don't know how old she is but she's gotta be at least 20. Her previous owners were neglectful and she foundered probably numerous times, she...