fainting goat

  1. M

    Goat balls on the small side??

    Hi all! Long time page lurker, first time member/poster! 😂 Thoughts on this 9 month old buckling? His testicles are almost non-existent. I reached out to the breeder for help, as this is my first time breeding, and shared a picture of one of hers about the same age. My guy doesn’t even...
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  3. Sage Albright

    Baby goat with diarrhea

    Hello! On Monday we went and picked up our second baby goat. He's a 10 week old fainting goat. The previous owner only has 3 goats and this litter was unexpected. The owner only fed them hay and let them eat out in the field. Today the baby goat started having diarrhea. Do you think it could...