1. Ferazel

    Overdue Sow

    I have a Kunekune pregnant pig. I purchased her Oct 19, 2021 being told she was with the boar since May. I did a progesterone pee test Nov 25 which confirmed she was pregnant. Didn’t have an actual due date. If she was bred on the 19th, then she would be having piglets around Feb 12th...
  2. Rosetta

    Pregnant or fat?

    My 1 1/2 year old pygmy/Nigerian dwarf nanny. We think she's pregnant but we're not sure. If she is, she'd be due in March. We wouldn't want to go outside one day and find dead baby goat(s) because we weren't sure whether or not she was preggo. Her stomach is tight, and hard. But her udders...
  3. shepherdO

    Rate my Field/Grass quality

    I have my sheep in 2 separate fields at the moment, and am not sure if/when I need to start supplementing them with (eg) additional hay/grain, etc. I plan to breed a bunch of them in about a month, so I know I need to flush them - I've already started with a bit of grain supplementation, and a...
  4. shepherdO

    Are my Ewes too fat?

    What thinkest thou? I have two rambouillet-suffolk crosses I've recently inherited, both about 5 years old, and both seem very fat to me. Their wool is actually not super deep (1 inch?) so, yep, that's all body. We've nicknamed them Hippo and Rhino :) I'm not yet at the stage where I can...
  5. shepherdO

    Maiden Ewe with uneven/drooping udder...?

    I have a ~5 year old rambouillet-suffolk ewe who has a strange udder condition - the left side droops down, and doesn't look at all like an unbred ewe's udder. She is not, and has not ever been bred according to her previous owner. She resembles a hippopotamus, and from what I've read online...
  6. MargaretClare

    Storing Caul Fat??

    I was planning on keeping the caul fats off our butchers this year and trying some recipes but I won't be using all of them immediately. What are some ways to store it so that it will remain intact? I know it's pretty perishable and I've read it can be frozen but are there certain storage...