1. Legamin

    Feeding for Pregnancy Success!

    This is an issue that came from researching hay feeders. I have built wooden feeders, huge plastic ”apartment feeders”, a myriad of welded mobile bale feeders and structured trough feeders….the end results have been up to 50% hay waste (recent prices reaching $450-$900 per ton grass hay) and...
  2. W

    Finally a DIY feeder I like

    I’m not saying this is the best feeder design out there, but it is the best one I have been able come up with. I am pleased with it. I built 2 others that I was not happy with. I see a lot of designs the utilize wire with 2”X4” wire mesh. I tried using this wire and was not pleased with it at...
  3. arms319

    DIY Hay Feeder

    Check out this little round bale feeder I made up today. We shall see how well it works.